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Friday, November 16, 2012

1-49 unveiled Wednesday December 12th

The Missouri Department of Transportation will host an unveiling ceremony at noon in Joplin. The public is invited to join State and Federal Officials in the unveiling of the new 1-49 in Missouri. The ceremony will be held at the Joplin East Middle School, 7501 East 26th Street in Joplin. The Gymnasium holds 400 people so it’s first come, first serve for seating. The Governor Jay Nixon and Senator Matt Blunt will be guest speakers
Officials will travel from county to County unveiling the new interstate signs during the afternoon and will reach each county by nightfall.
You are invited to be part of history in the making. Wednesday December 12th as the 1-49 Interstate becomes official.

News from Adrian Lanes Thru November 17th

Sun Handicap Travel League
Westchester Lanes I:   85.5-34.5
Capri Bowl:  74.0-46.0
Windsor Lanes:  66.5-53.5
Adrian Lanes II  61.5-58.5
Adrian Lanes I:  51.0-69.0
Jesters House:  50.5-69.5
Stockton Lanes: 46.0-74.0
Westchester Lanes II:  45.0-75.0
 Nov 18: Jester‘s-Warsaw

Sun 1:30 Youth-Adult
Sam’s Team:  18.0-10.0
Marissa’s Team:  16.0-08.0
Dakota’s Team:   08.5-11.5
Kennedy Team:   07.5-12.5

Nov 11:  High Game: Ernie Moore 230, Dan Goodrich 226, Chris Bolin 191, Suzie Bolin 149, Ryland Howard 145, Jessica Paull 112, Candace Corley 99, Samantha Corley 86, Sam Mager 86, Dakota Plumb 83, Marissa Bolin 66, Brendan Moore 61. High Series:  Ernie Moore 650, Suzie Bolin 392, Ryland Howard 368, Jessica Paull 288.

Sunday 6pm Adult Open
Camie’s Team:  29.0-11.0
Hanuman:  22.5-17.5
John’s Team:  22.0-18.0
D & B Trucking:  18.0-22.0
Shadows Keepers:  18.0-22.0
Butler Pharmacy:   17.0-23.0
Kershner Heat & AC:  16.5-23.5
CSI: Adrian:  16.0-20.0

Nov 11:  High Game: Robert Greer 257, Dan Goodrich 256, Dwight Robinson 255, Mike McQuinn 235, Camie Kagarice 228, Butch Corley 226, Chris Dillon 223, Nick Perkins 223, Rick Kershner 203, John McCoy 203, Josh Yates 197, Greg Hilbus 197, Anita Kershner 196, Michael Crowden 191, Pam Crowden 180, Mellenie Estes 158, Lisa McQuinn 155.  High Series: Dan Goodrich 640, Camie Kagarice 637, Chris Dillon 636, Robert Greer 628, Butch Corley 623, Anita Kershner 500.

 Monday 7:30 Men     
Anti-Monkey Butt:  28.0-12.0
Buddy System:  26.0-14.0
The Vacuums:  24.0-16.0
Curt’s Team:  22.0-18.0
Yoss’ Thriftway:  16.0-24.0

Nov 12:  High Game:  Nick Perkins 275, Ron Highley 248, Richard Frazier 246, Mat Bridges 236, Dan Goodrich 234, Dale Cumpton 225, Joe Julison 224, Curt Smith 204, Josh Yates 203. High Series:  Nick Perkins 697, Mat Bridges 673, Ron Highley 654, Joe Julison 646, Dan Goodrich 628, Richard Frazier 607, Dale Cumpton 602.  

Tuesday 10am Women
Pin Heads:  25.0-19.0
Bowling Buddies:  23.5-20.5
K B J L:  23.5-20.5
Sharon’s Avon:  23.0-21.0
The B B’s:  22.0-22.0
Pin Pals:18.0-26.0
Jeanne’s Team:  09.0-07.0

Nov 13:  High Game: Donna Moore 184, Colleen Portzen 178, Laverne Goodrich 173, Debbie Beard 173, Betty Smith 165, Connie Newport 161, Tina Doll 155, Eva Adams 155, Kit Corum 150.  High Series: Colleen Portzen 501.

Tuesday 7pm Open
Kyle’s Team:  31.0-13.0
Melanie’s Team:  25.0-19.0
Carroll Chiropractic:  24.0-20.0
Robin’s Nest:  23.0-21.0
I  QUIT !!:  21.5-18.5
Studio 201:  19.0-25.0
Strike Me:  18.5-25.5
Waiting 4 Rob:  14.0-30.0

Nov 13:  High Game: Kyle Edwards 257, Josh Yates 246, Dale Cumpton 226, Dan Goodrich 226, Wade Cumpton 207, Chelsey Yates 207, Leroy Foster 200, Wilson Ausmer 192, Kent Taylor 188, Davin Hubbard 188, Kelly Wernex 179, Vickie Drury 161, Melanie Foster 159,  Dee Dee Yates  155.  High Series:  Dan Goodrich 640, Josh Yates 634, Kyle Edwards 614, Chelsey Yates 540.

Wednesday 7pm Men
Misfits:  28.0-12.0
Carroll Chiropractic:  21.5-18.5
Kershner Heat & AC:  19.0-21.0
Hillbilly Karaoke: 19.0-21.0
Billingsley Service:  16.5-23.5
D & B Trucking:  16.0-24.0

Nov 14:  High Game:  Josh Yates 278, Clint Schuman 259, Michael Bowman 256, Kyle Osborn 244, Nick Perkins 237, Jerry Lakey 232, Ernie Moore 226, Claude Billingsley 217, Bill Rhoads 215, Dan Goodrich 213, Joe Clapp 206, Rick Brown 204, Robert Greer 203, Leroy Foster 200.  High Series:  Josh Yates 673, Nick Perkins 668, Clint Schuman 652, Michael Bowman 641, Bill Rhoads 634, Jerry Lakey 631, Ernie Moore 627, Claude Billingsley 619, Kyle Osborn 604.

Thursday  6:30 Women
The Bowling Angels:  34.0-10.0
Tabby’s Cats:  26.0-18.0
Schuman Vinyl:  24.0-20.0
Old & Restless: 22.0-22.0
Double Vision:  21.0-23.0

Nov 15:  High Game:  Camie Kagarice 267, Anita Kershner 211, Tabitha Gray 192, Nancy Bowman 182, Pam Crowden 181, Lorraine Kershner 179, Laverne Goodrich 169, Mim Jackson 168, Lona Lockard 162, Donna Moore 159, Rochelle Robinson 158, Sue Baptista 158, Jeanie Ephland 153, Dee Dee Yates 150.  High Series: Camie Kagarice 668, Tabitha Gray 535, Anita Kershner 524, Pam Crowden 512. NEED ONE TEAM. 

Friday Nooners

Nov 16:  High Game:  Don Chulufas 213, Steve Atkin 190, Leroy Foster 188, Wesley Merritt 187, Mim Jackson 181, Lorraine Kershner 170, Dale Smith 166, Betty Smith 162, Tom Rosekopf 158, Robin Atkin 154, Chuck Wyatt 150, Sue Merritt 146, Ross Wainscott 142, Jean Wilson 140, Murldene Wyatt 123, Paul Stevenson 101.   High Series:  Don Chulufas 554, Leroy Foster 554, Steve Atkin 514, Wesley Merritt 504

Mundey Receives National 4-H Award‏

(BUTLER, MO – November 16, 2012)  - Alan J. Mundey, Bates County 4-H Youth Specialist, was recently honored with the Distinguished Service Award at the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA) annual conference held this year in Orlando, Florida, October 21-26.  Mundey and his wife Lucille traveled to Orlando to accept the award.
Mundey, who retired from the Butler RV School System in 1998, has been employed by the University of Missouri as a regional 4-H Youth Specialist since February 2000.  Originally he was assigned to cover Bates and St. Clair counties, but because of retirements and resignations he is now also supervising 4-H work in Vernon and Cass counties. Mundey states, “Working with 4-H members and volunteer leaders is a very rewarding experience.  I’m continually impressed with the work that they do.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been working with MU Extension for almost 13 years now.” 


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Health Care Board Election Notice

Filing will be open from December 11, 2012 to January 15, 2013 for two positions on the Bates County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees.  One position will be for a 1 year term and one position will be for a 5 year term. 

Interested persons who are qualified may file at the County Clerk’s office in the Courthouse between the hours of 8:30-12:00 and 1:00-4:30 weekdays. 

Marlene Wainscott
Bates County Clerk

Altona 4-H News‏

The members of the Altona 4-H held our annual Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday, November 14, 2012. This year we held it at the Adrian Optimist Club building. Thank you to the Adrian Optimist Club for allowing us to meet in your facility.  After a great dinner, president Katie Frankenfield called the meeting to order with a welcome and thanked Vanessa Tallman and Rhonda Walley for organizing the dinner.  Katie lead us in the pledges to the American and 4-H flags. Secretary, Jennifer Willerton, called the roll with 47 members present. Jennifer read the minutes from the previous meeting. Katie gave a report on the weenie roast and hayride. Club leader, Todd Frankenfield, went over a list of projects needing project leaders and took volunteers to lead. He also talked about project leader paper work and the volunteer orientation.  New business included an invitation to the Adrian Chamber of Commerce Christmas parade. We decided to have an entry. Steven Doody will drive the truck and we need to meet at the Adrian commuter parking lot at 3:05 to decorate and make our way to the parade start line. Each float rider will need to bring a bag of candy to throw. Treasurer, Bailey Collier, presented the club with 2 bills to be paid. Each was voted on and approved to pay. Katie handed out the fair premiums from the Bates County Fair and she handed out the year of service pins to members, Clover Kids and project leaders.  We discussed our December club meeting and we will make goody trays for area neighbors. Each family will need to bring 3 fruit, a dozen cookies and two bags of candy. Three families volunteered to bring sugar-free candy and cookies.  Seeing no further business, the meeting was adjourned.  Our next meeting will be December 12th , 6:30 at the Altona Community Building.
Case Doody, Reporter