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Friday, March 15, 2013

Update on Senior Center truck Winners

Jean Bateman, Len & Nancy Redding doing the paperwork for the truck

Len and Nancy Redding, donors of the ’98 Dodge Dakota pickup, have signed over the title to winner, Jean Bateman of Adrian.  The Reddings, who have owned the pickup for 12 of its 15 years, say it is still in good running condition despite its 199,000 miles.
Ms. Bateman was one of many who made a $10 contribution to the Senior Center for a chance to win the pickup.  The objective was to sell 250 tickets and raise $2,500 toward the Senior Center’s annual local matching funds needed to supplement the annual grant in state and federal funds that supports the meals program in Bates County. 
The drawing was held at the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Senior Center on Monday, March 11th.

This is just one of many ways the community helps fund the Senior Center, a local non-profit service agency that is part of a state and national network of senior centers and services.  Residents of Bates County are invited to help with additional fund-raising ideas.

Rep. Wanda Brown's Capitol Connection‏

General Assembly Reaches Session Midpoint
It’s hard to believe time has moved by so quickly but this week marks the halfway point of the 2013 legislative session.  It was a busy week as we moved several pieces of priority legislation through the House. We will now have a week off from the legislative hustle and bustle as we prepare for the final hectic weeks of session.  
House Reauthorizes Benevolent Tax Credits (SB 20)

A tax credit bill approved by the House this week is now just one more vote in the Senate away from becoming law. The legislation would reinstate several tax credit programs that encourage donations to charitable organizations. Commonly referred to as benevolent tax credits, these programs offer a tax break to individuals who donate money to organizations like food pantries, child advocacy centers and pregnancy resource centers. The total cost to our state will be approximately $2.9 million each year in foregone tax revenue, but the benefit this investment will produce for countless Missourians will be priceless.
Conscience Protection for Medical Workers (HB 457)
Also this week, we passed legislation meant to protect health care workers who refuse to participate in procedures that violate their religious, moral or ethical beliefs. With the bill, physicians, nurses and medical researchers could refuse to participate in procedures and research that involves abortion, contraception and stem-cell research. It is legislation I support because it serves as a shield that would protect medical workers from being fired, suspended or demoted for refusing to participate in procedures they find to be objectionable. It’s also important to note that the bill would not allow health care workers to withhold emergency medical treatment needed to save the life of a patient.

As always, please do not hesitate to call or write me anytime with your questions or thoughts on these or any other issue.  My Capitol office phone number is 573-751-3971 and my email is



Altona 4-H News

The Altona 4-H Club met on March 14, 2013, at the Altona Community Hall.  President, Katie Frankenfield called the meeting to order and lead us in the pledges to the American and 4-H Flags.  Secretary, Jennifer Willerton called the roll and 51 members and Clover Kids answered.  Treasurer, Bailey Collier gave the financial report.  Several project leaders asked for members of Arts & Crafts, Poultry, and Sheep to stay after the regular club meeting for a quick project meeting.  Attendees of the livestock contest and clinic gave a report. It was a good experience and we had a big group go from our club.  Several other dates for jackpot shows and other livestock shows were given.  Todd Frankenfield talked a little bit about our annual fund raiser coming up. We’ll serve homemade cobbler and ice cream again at the Antique Tractor Show June 21 – 23, 2013. Renee Hendrix announced there will be a work day at the fairgrounds this spring, but a date has not been finalized. She also talked about 4-H clubs being required to work in the cook shack this year. More information will be coming.

Humanely Produced and Scientifically Verified Safe Cheval (horse meat) Will Soon Be Available

In spite of last minute attempts by animal rights extremists to slander an entire segment of animal agriculture by introducing Congressional action (S. 541 - a bill to prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines with others to follow...) that offers zero solution whatsoever to the dire circumstances facing the horse industry--the truth is that horse people are moving forward to provide a better future for horses and horse people. Radical groups, led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and their supporters on Capitol Hill and inside the White House seek to destroy what vestige is left of the U.S. horse industry. Nonetheless, the Law is the Law, and right now the Law is behind the horse industry allowing us to move forward with positive, humane systems, that ensure the highest standards of verified food safety, preserving the value,  and incentivizing the proper care of all horses in the United States.  

Several horse processing plants in the United States are set to begin operations very soon. These plants have accomplished most or all of their required modifications to their facilities and will be requesting final walk through inspections, approval to begin operations, and the assignment of inspectors. USDA has indicated that under current law they will be providing the necessary regulation and inspection. These plants, and others that will be follow, have modified not only their physical plants to accommodate the unique characteristics of the equine species, but their Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans and their Standard Operating Procedures to include extremely rigorous, thorough, and scientifically validated testing of every carcass that will ensure that no drug residue can ever enter the human food chain, and that every plant has installed humane handling systems and procedures that go above and beyond theU.S. Humane Methods of Slaughter law.  

There are eager markets awaiting the opening of these facilities both here in the United States and internationally. Cheval, which is the common term for meat from the equine species in the same way that beef is the term for meat from cattle, and pork is the term from hogs, is highly sought after by ethnic, gourmet, health and nutritionally interested, and value conscious consumers.   
Strong support nationwide for the horse industry is perhaps most evident right now in Oklahoma where a pair of pro-horse industry bills that will allow processing to begin in that state are sailing through the State Legislature. Just this past Wednesday more than 400 articulate supporters of the legislation led by the Oklahoma Farm Bureau and a host of other Ag organizations showed up for a rally at the Capitol, and not a single anti-slaughter activist! The week before a pathetic showing of anti-horse advocates at what was billed to be a "massive" rally against the bills achieved numbers barely above single digits, outnumbered by the media covering the event, illustrated the out of touch mentality of these extremist groups.    

Attached to this press release is a report originally produced by IEBA last Fall, the  Promise of Cheval, and updated regularly as new science and information becomes available, as well as a Facts and FAQs document that answers common questions about the ethical and responsible production of cheval.   

Below are documents testifying to the position of the States and the Tribes in regards to this issue--powerful entities that stand solidly behind the broader horse industry in this struggle to ensure that horses and horse owners have humane options that provide value, and therefor ensures the welfare of horses in the U.S.  

Reminder of the Evelyn Wisdom Hoover Benefit Auction and Dinner

On Sunday March 17th, 2013 there will be a Benefit Dinner and Auction for the late Evelyn Wisdom Hoover who lost her battle with Cancer a few weeks ago. All the proceeds to this go to help the family pay for funeral cost and expenses. This event will be held at the Amoret Community Center and will begin around 11:30am. They will be serving pulled pork sandwich's and sides. A free will donation will be accepted as well as a auction will take place some of the items to be auctioned off include:

  • 4 Kansas City Royals Tickets
  • 2 tickets to Silver Dollar City
  • Brand new Guitar Starter kit from Butler Music
  • Free oil change from Dave's Quality Auto
  • 1 night stay and dinner for 2 at Downstream Casino in Oklahoma

Please come out and fellowship and bid on these great items in honor of a great woman. If you have any questions please contact. Krista Bradley at 660-464-2514. We hope to see you all there.

Clinton Woman Injured in early morning Bates County crash

Adrian Fire along with Bates County Sheriff and Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to a 1 vehicle accident this morning at 4:30 am on 18 Highway 0.1 miles West of County Road 12003. This accident occurred when the Westbound 2002 Jeep driven by Ruth Anna James 30, of Clinton Missouri tried to avoid 3 deer that was in the roadway and traveled off the left side of the roadway struck a culvert, and came to rest in a field. James received moderate injuries and was transported to Golden Valley Memorial Hospital in Clinton. The vehicle received moderate damage and was towed from the scene by Golden Valley Tow. This accident was worked by Bates County Sheriff.. Missouri State Highway Patrol..Adrian Fire.. and Bates County EMS

Update on wreck on V Highway last night

Around 9:30 last night Missouri State Highway Patrol along with the Bates County Sheriff responded to a 1 vehicle accident on V Highway 1/4 of a mile North of County Road SW. 998. The accident happened when the 1989 GMC Sierra driven by Timothy Wheatley 37, of Butler Missouri traveled off the left side of the  roadway and struck a tree. Mr. Wheatley sustained minor injuries and refused treatment at the scene he then later sought treatment at Bates County Memorial Hospital. The vehicle had extensive damage and was towed from the scene by Don's Tow. This accident was worked by TPR D.A. Jones assisted by CPL M.A. Pate of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.