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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Landspout Tornado Touches Down Tonight In East Springfield MO

A rare landspout tornado touched down in East Springfield this evening. These types of tornadoes are weak in nature...and stay intact for less than a minute. They typically are not detectable by radar. Here is the radar image of when the landspout occurred. Notice that it occurred from a very tiny rain shower that was hardly detected by radar.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Police Chase

Around 7pm tonight The Missouri State Highway Patrol assisted by Bates County Sheriffs Deputies attempted to pull a vehicle over on South I-49 North of Adrian. The driver refused to pull over and a chase began. The suspect pulled over  South of Butler a half of mile South of The 52 East Exit and was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. Bates County Live will update this when more information and details become available.

Fight Night On 49 III

Saturday September 7th, 2013  starting at 5pm at the
Adrian Optimist Building

  • *Tickets*

    $15 Standing
    $25 GA Chair
    $35 Front row Chair
    $45 Seat at a Table of 8
    $60 Cage Side
    *Limited Tickets Available, Reserve Your Tickets Today! 660-424-3018*

    *Fight Card*
    NOT in Order yet.


    4-1 Vernon Swink SS VS 4-3 Gabe Franklin UMMA @ 205lb

    0-0 Nora Hamilton IND VS 0-0 Sammy Morris IND @165lbs

    2-0 Jeff Harper SS VS 2-2 Reace Young UMMA @145lbs

    1-0 Jeremy Johnson AJJ VS 1-1 Ryan Bresnahan IND @170lbs

    1-1 Anthony Lepietra SS VS 1-0 Aaron Rich RN @175lbs

    0-0 Steven Watson IND VS 0-0 Dakota Cook SH @130lbs

    0-0 Brandon Shunkaer CC VS 0-0 Christian Koop SH @115

    2-1 Trevor Sanders SS VS 2-1 Justin Alexander IND @135lbs

    2-4 Joseph Garcia IND VS 2-0 Jon Shipp SH @135lbs

    2-1 Kevin Moore SS VS 2-3 John Conner SH @155lbs

    0-1 Terry Bulla IND VS 1-0 Jonathan Tindall @145lbs

    1-0 Mikey Baumgarden SS VS 2-1 Willie Mclay RN @170lbs

    0-0 Justin Shankle GH VS 0-0 Preston Rose IND @135lbs

    0-2 Chris Swartz SS VS 0-0 Casey Snedeger E @135lbs

    0-0 Mario Olivas GH VS 0-1 Briant Wyrick SH @155lbs

    0-0 Alan Olivias GH VS 0-0 Dillon Querry UMMA @125KB

    1-0 Brandon Davenport GH VS 0-0 Ross Smith IND @135lbs KB

    3-2 Joey Scanlan SH VS 1-1 Dustin Snedeger E @125lbs

    0-0 William Swarens IND VS 0-2 Zac Kleitz UMMA @155lbs

Weather Update: Temps Cooler Today

Scattered showers continue to develop through the morning hours, with shower and thunderstorm chances peaking early in the afternoon. Highs today in the lower to middle 80s. Have a great Sunday!

Lost Dogs In Ballard/Urich Area

Reward!! Please help us bring these dogs home Ballard/Urich area!! Ty is male with orange collar, Paisley is female. They are missing, not like either dog to leave. Believe they were taken. Call 8165903222 if found!! Lets Bring these dogs home!.