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Monday, September 15, 2014

Butler Bears v Warrensburg Jr High Football Summary- 9/9/14

On Tuesday, Sept 9, the Butler Bears junior high football team traveled to take on the Warrensburg Tigers for their first game of the season. The Bears lost a tough game 6-32. The Bears fumbled their first play from scrimmage on offense, setting up the first of three Warrensburg touchdowns scored in the first half. The Bear offense found some success in the passing game but couldn’t sustain a full scoring drive in the first half. Defensively, the Bears struggled against both a strong Warrensburg offense and a terrific punter for the Tigers, trailing 24-0 at halftime. The second half was a back and forth battle, with the Bears finding the end zone late in the fourth quarter. QB Cody Gabriel found several good targets in the air throughout the game, completing 9 of 18 passes. WR Kale Jacobs pulled down 5 catches for 67 total yards. RB Derek Shobe led the Bears’ rushing attack with 14 yards on 8 carries, including a touchdown in the 4th quarter. The Bears defense struggled to slow down the Tigers in the first half but did produce two turnovers in the game, an interception by LB Kirby Connell and a fumble recovery by LB Zack Wicks. Connell also led the team with 9 tackles.

The Bears return home to face the University Academy Gryphons on Tuesday, 9/23, at 5:30 pm.


Derrick Shobe 8 carries, 14 yards, TD
Colton Hobbs 3 carries, 19 yards
Jonathon Coatney 3 carries, 7 yards
Kirby Connell 5 carries, 4 yards

Cody Gabriel 18 passes, 9 completions, 74 total yards

Kale Jacobs 5 receptions, 67 yards
Colton Hobbs 1 reception, 5 yards
Drake Stephens 1 reception, 2 yards
Tyler Hough 2 receptions, 0 yards


Solo Tackles/ Assisted Tackles/ Total Tackles

Kirby Connell 5/4 9 total
Colton Hobbs 4/3 7 total
Derrick Shobe 2/4 6 total
Jonathon Coatney 2/4 6 total
Andres Heiman 3/2 5 total
Cody Gabriel 3/1 4 total
Zack Wicks 0/3 3 total
Wain Walker 1/2 3 total
Zeke Martin 1/1 2 total
Coy Piland 0/2 2 total
Hunter Dickerson 1/0 1 total
Clayton Johnson 1/0 1 total

Kale Jacobs 1/0 1 total