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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Adrian family escapes serious injury in I-49 accident near Harrisonville

The scene just south of Harrisonville this afternoon
It is being reported that Kim Dennison of Adrian was not seriously injured in a two-car accident this afternoon just South of Harrisonville in the northbound lanes of I-49.

Dennison's two children were traveling with her and were also not seriously injured, according to a witness.

A full report will posted as information becomes available from the Missouri Highway Patrol.

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The Painful Price of Propane

A short time ago, propane was affectionately known as the 'best value' in fuel- but no longer- local prices have exceeded that of gasoline. Prices jumped from a buck something to around $4.50 in short order over the past few weeks spurring a frenzy among consumers and propane sellers alike.

Bates County Live spoke with a local propane delivery agent, who asked to remain anonymous- "It's tough making a delivery to say, a single mom who's on a tight budget anyway. Then we have to tell her there is a minimum purchase AND it's gonna be $4 a gallon. I'm not sure what people are gonna do". According to the Propane Education and Research Council there are 900,000 U.S. farms that depend on propane as well as six million households that use the fuel as their main form of heating.
An empty propane tank has become an
expensive problem

National news sources say it's the old supply and demand thing. We've had a colder than usual Winter so propane stockpiles are running low. Or are they? Suppliers interviewed yesterday were quoted as saying "We're still gonna be able to get it, but prices just keep going up".

The Attorney General’s Office has announced it will investigate the cause of the rise in the price of propane gas locally. Last check yesterday found propane at $3.50 a gallon in Bates County- nationwide, however, prices can be found well over $5. As of now, Governors of 33 states have declared states of emergency as propane gets more expensive.

According to Northfield News, a propane shortage could be partially the result of a natural gas shortage and adding to the misery was the rupture of a natural gas pipeline on Saturday in Canada that has interrupted the the flow to the United States. On top of that, propane is one of our leading exports to Europe and maintaining that supply route has only worsened the situation here. 

The quintessential question of the day: when will prices go down? At this point there doesn't seem to be any solid speculation when we might see prices as they were last year.

Fortunately, Spring is not too far away.

Pipeline project digs up money for local economy

The new Flanagan pipeline will run parallel to an existing
line from northern Illinois to Oklahoma
Driving through Northwestern Bates County, you can't help but notice plenty of heavy machinery and temporary road crossings marked with bright colored pennant flags overhead.

The influx of earth movers reflects a small portion of a pipeline installation project which involves burying about 600 miles of 36-inch diameter pipeline that will initially carry 600,000 barrels per day of heavy crude oil from Northern Illinois to Oklahoma.

The Enbridge new Flanagan South pipeline project has stirred up more than dust around Bates County- while there's a lot of talk, there's a lot of money flowing into the local economy. Just ask Jackie Nieder, owner of Diehl's Corner and Campgrounds in Passaic. "The additional campers has allowed us to upgrade our park from 6 overnight spots to 22. We also opened our store and the extra traffic really helps. And by the way, those staying in the park are some of the nicest, most polite people you would hope to meet" said Nieder.

Local comments indicate there is a fair amount of those against the project for environmental and safety reasons, although the new pipe is being laid next to a line that has already been in the ground for about 60 years.

Risk aside, the influx of cash is quite welcomed by business owners in the North/Northwest part of the county, just ask anyone at McBee's General Store in Amsterdam, which is literally a few feet away from a crew of about 20 who has been working to put the pipeline under the highway for several weeks now. A drive by McBee's reveals a fairly full parking lot with a steady flow of customers seeking hot coffee and food.

A little further up the road, the city of Archie appears to have been taken over by the project-at least that's how it might look from I-49. A massive storage area lies just north of the overpass, while a new campground lies just south. And yes, local merchants in Archie, along with Casey's and Yoss Thriftway in Adrian are enjoying an uptick in business too.

So how long will it last? It appears some crews are already moving out of the area to points a little further southwest. Others may stay through March, possibly as late as June depending on weather delays.

Overall, the project is slated to be completed later this year. More information about the Flanagan Pipeline project can be found HERE.

Weather Update: Two Chances For Snow

Weather Update: For those of you feeling left out from the snow everyone else has been getting, fret not, as there are several chances for light snow upcoming over the next several days, mostly across areas north of Interstate 70. The best chance for light snow will come Friday night into Saturday morning. The exact location of the highest snow amounts remains somewhat uncertain, but a general expectation is that areas of N Missouri will get between 2 and 4 inches of snow through Saturday.