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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Little Miss and Mister Bates County Crowned Tonight

Jocelyn Orso and Cade Brooks

The 2014 Little Miss & Mister Bates County was crowned tonight at The Bates County Fair kickoff Bash. The winners were Little Miss Bates County Jocelyn Orso daughter of Brent and Jodi Orso of Butler, Missouri and Little Mister Bates County was Cade Brooks son of Travis and Rachell Brooks of Butler. Congrats to all the contestant and the winners.

Obituary - Frank G. Saville

Frank G. Saville, 81, of Garden City, Missouri died Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at Golden Living Center Westwood in Clinton, Missouri. Funeral services are pending at the Atkinson Funeral Home in Harrisonville, Missouri and the obituary and service times will be updated when available,

MODOT PRESS RELEASE: Commission to Approve Amendment 7 Transportation Priorities List‏

Commission to Approve
Amendment 7 Transportation Priorities List   
JEFFERSON CITY - When Missourians head to the polls on Aug. 5, they will know exactly what their tax dollars will bring to the state if they approve Constitutional Amendment 7. That's because the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission will approve on July 9 a list of hundreds of transportation projects that represents the commission's commitment to Missourians who want to invest in the state's transportation future.

After years of hard work and collaboration with local transportation planners, the finalized list also culminates the end of the public comment period that began June 13 and included almost 1,200 public comments and over 40 meetings in every region of the state. It represents a substantial investment in Missouri's transportation infrastructure - but also means safer roads, more jobs, and a better economy.
Amendment 7 is a ballot measure to temporarily raise Missouri's sales tax by ¾ of a cent. All proceeds from the 10-year tax would go toward much-needed transportation improvements across the state. The amendment's provisions included the creation of a project list prior to the election.

WHAT:      Amendment 7 Transportation Priorities List Press Opportunity

WHEN:      Wednesday, July 9, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

WHERE:   Springfield District Office - 3025 East Kearney, 65803
                  Joplin Regional Office - 2915 South Doughboy Drive, 64804

WHO:       Springfield - Becky Baltz, District Engineer
                  Joplin - Dan Salisbury, Assistant District Engineer

CONTACT:  Jennifer Williams, Customer Relations Manager
                     (417) 895-7713

Job Opening In Harrisonville

Church & Dwight Co INC. in Harrisonville, Missouri is looking to hire Line operators and Line maintenance technicians evening and night shirt positions only. Church & Dwight Co INC. are major U.S. Manufacturer house hold products, they are best known for Arm @ Hammer line.

Apply online:

Back To School Program

Back To School Program

With the starting of school just around the corner many children will not have the supplies they need to begin school. Now is the time to register for the Back-to-School Program sponsored by the West Central Missouri Community Action Agency.
To be eligible for this program, the entire household income must be 125% of the federal poverty guidelines or less. You may sign up at the Bates County Outreach Center at 5 East Dakota Street in Butler, deadline for applications if July 15th.
The Back-to-School Program is accepting donations of supplies or a cash donation and they will purchase the supplies.
The greatest need is for backpacks. Here is a list of suggested supplies:
  • Wide line loos leaf notebook paper
  • Wide line spiral notebooks
  • Dry erase markers
  • Washable markers (basic colors)
  • Washable fine line markers
  • 1” 3-ring binders
  • Graph paper
  • Big pink erasers
  • Pencil-top erasers
  • Bottles of white glue
  • Scissors
  • Calculators (basic and scientific)
  • Protractors
  • Compasses
  • Clorox wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Boxes of Kleenex

Donations may be taken or sent to the Bates County Outreach Center or for more information the contact number is 660-679-4108.

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Cass County Sheriffs Office: Missing 5 year old autistic boy

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office is currently looking for a 5 year old autistic white male who walked away from his residence in the 287th block of 7 Highway. The subject goes by the name of Gene. Deputies are currently being assisted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol the Kansas City Helicopter unit. And the Garden City Fire Department. Please contact the Cass County Sheriff’s Office at 816-380-5200 with any information

Access closed to I-49 in south Butler

The ramp to access I-49 from south Orange Street (Business 49) in south Butler has been temporarily closed, possibly for maintenance/ repair. It appears the ramp to exit from I-49 to Orange Street will remain open.

It is unknown how long the ramp will be closed- Bates County Live will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

Keep cool with Living Word.

 Keep cool with Living Word they will be passing out FREE bottled
water and Popsicles around the square this evening at the Bates 
County Fair Parade. The parade leaves the fair grounds at 5:30pm
this evening. 

Charges Filed in Henry County

Henry County Prosecuting Attorney Richard Shields has announced the filing of charges in a recent case that drew a lot of public attention. He said that social media discussions and rumors in the community had painted a story much different than reality. He said it was important to clarify in as much detail as the law allows what really happened. Shields added that the following recitation of the facts comes from the probable cause statements filed in the public court files in the cases:

Four girls ages 15 to 16 were hanging out on the Clinton downtown square. They met up with 2 boys, one 16 and the other 18. The group decided to obtain alcohol and have a party. The sixteen year old boy reportedly procured the liquor through his brother. The group went to a residence in Montrose and most of them proceeded to drink the liquor. At some point it was suggested that someone obtain some marijuana. A 28 year old Montrose resident was called and he went to the party and supplied some marijuana which was smoked by some of the people there.

One of the girls became intoxicated to the point of passing out. Some of the rest of the group decided to play a prank on her and over a period of time they placed substances such as salad dressing, mayonnaise and soft drinks on her. In addition to having these things on her she apparently vomited.

When sunrise arrived the person whose home it was wanted all the people out before his father got home from working a night shift. The girl who had had substances placed on her was in and out of consciousness, still sick and covered with substances. The person who drove them there apparently did not want her soiling the passenger compartment of the car so the stupid decision was made to place her in the trunk. According to those involved, the girl was wearing clothing when she went into the trunk.

The 18 year old whose home it was assisted in placing the girl into the trunk. He remained at his home and the others, all under the age of 17 left with the girl in the trunk. Someone in the group at some point suggested that the girl be left on old 18 Highway West of Clinton. Not everyone in the group agreed with that plan, however, she was left in a gravel parking lot on land managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation. There is some dispute about the condition of her clothing at the point she was left in the parking lot.

It is known that she was wearing panties or bikini bottoms, a torn bra and a shirt that was partially off of her when she was found by a Conservation Department employee a short time after she was left. She was not completely naked as was stated in some social media discussions.

The father of one of the other girls was already on his way to the area to look for the girl after his daughter got home and told him about what had happened. He arrived at the scene shortly after the sheriff’s deputy and ambulance arrived.

All of the parties involved who were willing to make a statement were interviewed and the girl who was left at the parking lot examined by a specially trained sexual assault nurse examiner. There is no evidence that she was raped or beaten.

Prosecutor Shields said he would like to thank the Henry County Sheriff’s Department for their thorough and unbiased investigation of this matter and their timely preparation of a complete report. He announces that the following charges have been filed against the following persons:

Lucas Hetherington, 18, Montrose is charged with the class C felony of Endangering the Welfare of a Child in the first degree in violation of Section 568.045.1(3)RSMo. That charge alleges that Hetherington knowingly aided or caused a child less than seventeen years of age to engage in conduct which violated the provisions of Missouri’s controlled substance laws. He is also charged with the class B felony of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance to a minor in violation of Section 195.212 RSMo. That charge alleges that he assisted and encouraged Hilton McCulloch to bring marijuana to his home to provide to persons he knew were minors. He is also charged with the Class A misdemeanor of false imprisonment for his role in placing the girl into the trunk.

Hilton McCulloch, 28, Montrose is charged with the class B felony of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance to a minor in violation of Section 195.212 RSMo. That charge alleges that he knowingly delivered marijuana to the party for persons he knew were minors to smoke.

David Bennett, 24, Clinton is charged with the misdemeanor of supplying intoxicating liquor to a person under the age of twenty-one years. The charge alleges that he purchased liquor at the request of one of the juveniles and then supplied it to him knowing it would be consumed by him and other juveniles.
A class C felony is punishable by a term of up to seven years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000. A class B felony carries a penalty range of from 5 to 15 years in prison. The unclassified misdemeanor of supplying alcohol to a minor is punishable by up to 1 year in the county jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

All of the persons under the age of 17 fall under the jurisdiction of juvenile authorities. The Henry County Prosecuting Attorney has no jurisdiction over the disposition of their cases unless they are certified as adults. Prosecutor Shields has consulted with the juvenile officer and said that that is not likely to occur in this case. The names of juveniles are not public information as are the names of adults charged with crimes.

Shields added that this case could have had a much more tragic ending. Some people made some very poor decisions. Though this girl was not raped and beaten, she could have aspirated on her own vomit, or fallen victim to animals or bad people.

Some people took small snippets of information about the situation and drew incorrect conclusions about what had happened. They posted comments on social media. As rumors often go, others added their own speculations and soon the story had a life of its own. Some people were even commenting that some sort of vigilante justice should take hold of those involved. Prosecutor Shields said that he has met with the girl who as left in the parking lot and her family and they urge everyone to let the justice system do its job and respect their privacy as they deal with matter.
Shields stressed that the charges filed and the facts set forth above must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in court and that the persons charged are presumed innocent.

Weather Update: Strong Storms Last Night/ Early this morning

Who stayed up with us last night to watch the storms blow through? We had quite a few reports of wind damage across the area (marked by blue triangles) and several of you lost power. We also had several rainfall reports between 1" and 2" and some spots got over 3".

Home Invasion in Clinton

Howard Wesley Groves Jr.
Sissy L. Beck
Clinton Police have made an arrest in an early morning home invasion that took place in the 200 block of North Fourth Street just before 5:00 A.M. on Sunday, July 6th. Police were called to the home and contacted the resident who stated that he awakened to find a man and a woman in his home. As he chased them out the back door of the home a physical altercation between the resident and the man ensued. The woman produced a handgun and pointed it at the resident who then released the man. The woman then struck the resident in the head with the handgun. The suspects then fled the area on foot.  

The resident reported that his cellular telephone and a handgun had been stolen from his house.Police recovered a cellphone left at the scene by the male suspect. An investigation of the phone revealed that it was owned by a subject named Howard Wesley Groves Jr.  of Lowry City, Missouri. Around noon today Clinton Police contacted and spoke to Groves in the 800 block of East Franklin and then placed him under arrest for 24 hour investigation of 1st Degree Robbery. Groves was transported to the police department where he confessed to his involvement in the robbery.  

Clinton Police Detectives have also now identified the female suspect as 31 year old Sissy L. Beck of Kansas City, MO.  Beck is not only wanted for this robbery, but also for an earlier burglary that occurred at the same residence. Clinton Police are working with Henry County Prosecuting Attorney Richard Shields to obtain warrants for the two suspects.  Groves remains incarcerated in the Henry County Detention Center with a bond of $100,000. 

If you have any information about this crime or the whereabouts of Sissy L. Beck, please call 911 or the Clinton Police Department at 660-885-2679.