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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Protecting Deer in Missouri

Share your opinions on protecting deer

Go online to to share opinions on proposed MDC regulations. Public comment period ends Aug. 14. Thank you to those who have already submitted your comments!
As you may well know, the Missouri Conservation Commission recently approved proposed regulation changes to the Wildlife Code of Missouri regarding the operations of hunting preserves and wildlife breeding facilities that hold white-tailed deer, mule deer, and their hybrids. Under the Missouri Constitution, MDC (which is governed by the citizen-led Conservation Commission) has the authority and responsibility to protect and manage Missouri wildlife, including deer. All white-tailed deer in Missouri are wildlife, regardless of which side of a fence they may be on.

The regulations are part of our ongoing strategy to minimize the spread of fatal diseases in our state’s deer population, such as Chronic Wasting Disease. Chronic Wasting Disease was first found in Missouri in captive-deer operations in Macon and Linn counties. It has also been found in numerous captive-deer operations in more than a dozen other states. It is always fatal to infected animals and has no cure. The disease is spread among deer herds mainly through direct contact. The movement of captive cervids within states and across state lines spreads the disease to new areas.
Our statewide proposed regulations include:

  • Banning the importation of live white-tailed deer, mule deer, and their hybrids from other states;
  • Improving fencing requirements for new and expanding captive-cervid facilities;
  • Requiring all deer six months or older that die in captive-cervid facilities to be tested for Chronic Wasting Disease;
  • Establishing better record-keeping requirements for captive-cervid operations; and
  • Prohibiting any new captive-cervid facilities within 25 miles of where Chronic Wasting Disease has been confirmed.
A healthy and abundant deer population in the state is vital to you and the other half-a-million deer hunters, along with two-million wildlife watchers, tens-of-thousands of landowners who manage their properties for deer and deer hunting, and many conservation organizations. Deer hunting and watching also supports our state’s vital Share the Harvest Program where hunters like you donate deer meat to Missourians in need, along with more than 12,000 Missouri jobs, and a billion-dollar annual economic benefit to Missouri and Missourians.

Henry County Sheriffs Office: Vehicle Pursuit Ends In Henry County

Charles D. Howard
On Monday, August 11, 2014 at 11:52 p.m. Henry County Sheriff's Office as well as the Clinton Police Department and Missouri Highway Patrol assisted Cass County Sheriff's deputies with a vehicle failing to yield.

The incident began just south of Harrisonville, Missouri when Cass County deputies attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The suspect vehicle failed to yield and continued along Highway 7 towards Clinton.  Near the intersection of Highway 7 and Highway O, the Missouri State Highway Patrol was able to partially disable the vehicle with tire spikes.  Deputy Brady Graham also deployed tire spikes just west of Clinton and further disabled the vehicle.

As the vehicle entered Clinton, running only on the vehicles rims, it turned westbound onto Franklin Street from Highway 7&13 and continued on several streets in Clinton at speeds of 20-30 miles per hour.  The vehicle continued onto eastbound Ohio Street and then South on Highway 13.

Near the intersection of Highway 13 and SE 400 road, the vehicle came to a stop and driver was taken into custody.  A juvenile was also taken into protective custody at the scene.  Arrested was Charles D. Howard, age 43, Osceola on multiple traffic charges and felony endangering the welfare of a child.