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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cancelled Endangered Person Advisory Odessa PD Brown, Alison Kathryn‏

Alison Kathryn Brown
EMPHASIS: Cancelled Endangered Person Advisory 

State of Missouri Endangered Person Advisory

TheThe has cancelled an Endangered Person Advisory for a missing person incident that occurred at 720 West Main Street, Odessa, MO at 0130 A.M. on 01/22/2015.

Missing Is:
Alison Kathryn Brown a white, female, age 16

Vehicle Information:
(color) (year) (make) (model) bearing (state), (license no) last seen (location & direction of travel)

Possible suspects or associates are believed to be:
(name), a (race), (sex), age (age), hgt (height), (weight) lbs, (hair color) hair, (eye color) eyes, (complexion) complexion, wearing (clothing).

The endangered missing person:
Alison Kathryn Brown, is a white, female, age 16, hgt 507, 200 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, with freckles, glasses, a brown mole on the left palm, 1" x 2" birth mark on upper right thigh, wearing unknown clothing carrying a Harry Potter backpack.

Brief circumstances regarding the Endangered Missing Person incident (Include pertinent medical, mental, or other well being information)
Subject has been located and is fine.