Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bates County Sheriffs Office warns of IRS Scam

The Bates County Sheriff’s Office has been notified from the community about phone calls people have been receiving once again. 

The caller states that they are from the IRS and are telling them they owe back taxes. They also state that if the person does not pay those taxes they will send the Sheriff to arrest them. Sheriff Chad Anderson wants to assure everyone that he will not arrest them for back taxes. These phone calls are scams. The Sheriff’s Office has tried calling the phone numbers back and get nowhere with them. They just either hang up on us or say obscenities to us. Because these calls usually come from another country there is not a way for us to track them. It is very discouraging for us as well as the citizens. Please do not give them any of your personal information or send them any money. The IRS will never contact you by phone. 

If you just hang up on them or do not answer the phone they will eventually leave you alone and stop calling. 

Some people have also received calls from someone stating they are a computer technician and need to fix your computer. They will give you a website to go to and then can remote access into your computer. These types of calls are also scams. 

Once they have access to your computer they can also get your personal information and possibly credit card information if you have ever purchased anything from your computer. 

You may also have received calls saying you have won a prize and you need to send them a money order or a gift card to claim your prize. This too is a scam. If you have won a prize or money you should not have to send them money to receive your prize. 

Again please do not give these scam artists any of your personal information, money or credit card information.

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