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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

MoDOT WINTER TRAVEL UPDATE: Wednesday-Thursday, Jan. 20-21; Travel Discouraged Due to Expected Icy Conditions‏

MoDOT advising drivers to avoid travel Wednesday evening through Thursday due to expected icy road conditions.

Freezing drizzle and light snow are again in the forecast for Wednesday evening into late Thursday night, January 20-21.  Icy road conditions are expected.  

Weather Conditions: Freezing drizzle and light snow are forecasted to begin during the early evening hours along Missouri’s western border near Joplin and Nevada.  Freezing drizzle will overspread southwest Missouri overnight into early Thursday morning.  The result will be ice covered roads and surfaces.  The system is not forecasted to leave the area until late Thursday night.  The result will be icy roads from Wednesday evening, through morning AND afternoon rush hours on Thursday.

Road Clearing: MoDOT crews will be out ahead of the storm and will run ALL routes using ice-clearing chemicals along with abrasives, concentrating on the heaviest traveled roads first including I-49, I-44, Route 60, Route 65, etc.  However, despite their best efforts, crews will not be able to keep roads from icing over as the storm sets up over southwest Missouri.  As long as there is precipitation in the area, roads will remain slick.

As they can, crews will treat hills, curves and intersections on lesser traveled roads.
If drivers MUST be on the roads, they are urged to give ALL plows ample room to work.  Please stay back at least 100 feet from the back of a plow and avoid passing the large trucks.

Travel Conditions: Drivers are urged to AVOID TRAVEL if possible until road conditions improve.  Constant freezing drizzle will mean that roadways will be ice covered and slick and will remain that way until the system moves out of the area. Due to the nature of freezing drizzle, pavements may appear wet, but will actually be ice-covered.

MoDOT crews will stay on the roads as long as progress is being made and crews remain safe.
MoDOT’s intent is to stay on the roads, treating them until major routes are back to mostly clear conditions. Lesser traveled roads will continue to have ice patches but crews will treat hills, curves and intersections.

Road Condition Information: To find the most up-to-date road conditions in southwest Missouri and statewide, check MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map.  MoDOT also has a free Traveler Information mobile app for smartphones.
 Winter Weather Driving Tips:
  • Buckle up
  • Slow down
  • Stay at least 100 feet behind a truck plowing/treating road
  • Do not pass snow plows
  • Be alert for changing road conditions
  • Allow for extra travel time
  • Carry an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes food, water, blankets, flashlight and abrasives including cat litter