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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Local youth faces long road ahead

A young man drove eastbound from Passaic last Saturday morning, like maybe any other time; not knowing the fate just a few miles down the road.

Within shear milliseconds, he experienced the most drastic, life changing event imaginable as his car leaves the roadway and overturns.

It is not immediately clear how much time went by before someone saw the wreckage and called for help. Rescue units from Butler and Adrian raced to the scene, along with the highway patrol and sheriff's office deputies.

As he lay trapped in his vehicle, first responders carefully removed the crushed metal to discover Kameron Williams alive, but badly injured.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, a medical helicopter was already in route. No time was wasted in transit, nor in getting the bird back on its way. It was time for a thorough evaluation and what ever immediate treatment required to sustain life.

Now, after a few days in the hospital, it's apparent Kameron is faced with a monumental challenge- a broken vertebra has lead to paralysis in the lower half of his body. It may be too soon to tell if it's permanent or not. To complicate matters further, doctors are currently working to correct an issue with his lungs and breathing

Kameron is just 18 years old and his road to recovery should be paved with support from our community- a community that has proven again and again that good things happen when we work together. 

There are several efforts underway to help Kameron and his family through this trying time, and links are listed below. The Facebook page has lots of information regarding fundraising, along with an important note from his mother regarding cards for his well wishes scrapbook. Please scroll completely down the page so you don't miss anything: 

Thanks in advance to everyone. We will provide updates on his condition as they become available.