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Sunday, July 9, 2017

From Osage Valley Electric Cooperative

Approximately 500 Osage Valley Electric Cooperative members in the Belton area are currently without power due to an equipment issue on our power providers side of the substation. 

KAMO Power crews are working to repair the issue and to restore power as quickly as possible.

Clinton man seriously injured in Henry County crash

On 7/9/17 around 2:55pm the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to a two vehicle accident on Missouri 7 Highway one mile east of Route AA in rural Henry County.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the accident occurred when the 2000 Honda driven by 36 year old Bert A. Reid of Clinton, Missouri attempted to pass and struck the the unknown year Chevrolet Impala in the rear ejecting him from the vehicle. The Impala left the scene of the accident.

Bert A. Reid sustained serious injuries in this accident and he was transported by ambulance to Golden Valley Memorial Hospital in Clinton for treatment.

Beta Sigma Phi annual baby contest at the Bates County Fair

2017 Bates County Fair schedule

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Hazardous Heat Expected Monday Through Wednesday

National Night Out with the Nevada Police Department

Everyone is invited!

Come on out August 1st at the Walton Pool, and celebrate National Night Out with the Nevada Police Department!

We will be having several prizes that you could win!

Nevada Speedway Race Results July 8, 2017

Race Results July 8, 2017 (78 cars)
Finish, Starting Spot, Car Number, Name

Mini Stocks/FWD
1. (3) 95 Steven Bunton
2. (6) 30m Ken Leverich
3. (4) 2 Danny Dovenspike
4. (2) 4 James Witt
5. (5) 7K Jon Starnes
6. (1) 96 Mike Baxter

Pure Stocks
1. (3) 75 Tyler Schoen
2. (2) 12 Jason Agee
3. (1) 101 Broc Rose
4. (8) 06 Morgan Campbell
5. (7) 74 Jaren Powrie
6. (5) 3 Jerry Wheeler
7. (4) 21R Thomas Dunham
8. (10) 72 William Franklin
9. (12) 22 John Shaver
10. (11) 79 James Barker
11. (6) 03 Jimmy Smith
12. (14) Z64 Zachary Hendren
13. (15) 6J Justin Shadden
14. (13) 24 Andrew Crockett
15. (17) 23 Scott Simmons
16. (18) 1A Corey Cagle
17. (9) 417 Greg Gilbertson
18. (16) 60 Dirk Troth

Street Stocks
1. (1) 7J Scott Johnson
2. (4) 33 Mike Bitner
3. (5) 71 Karl Lehmann
4. (8) 05G Grayson McKinney
5. (3) 3 Dale Douty
6. (9) G1 Troy Reasoner
7. (6) Y3 Kevin York
8. (7) XL7 Colby Carter
9. (2) 64 Shawn Hendren

Midwest Mods
1. (7) 59 Rob Muilenburg
2. (2) 42 Mitchell Coulter
3. (6) 24 Devin Crockett
4. (4) 27D Larry Drake
5. (14) 11 Bill Schlobohm
6. (11) 20 Keith Bradley
7. (1) 662 Cayden Campbell
8. (10) 64 Andrew Hendren
9. (12) 45 Robbie Sullins
10. (9) 03 Mickey Self
11. (16) 5 Chase Osborn
12. (5) 99 Jeff Lockard
13. (15) 51S Kent Shouse
14. (13) 23 Norman Mackley
15. (3) 21 Kelby Keith
16. (8) 55 Kyle Lafferty

1. (3) 101 Matt Rose
2. (4) 77 Jeff Douty
3. (2) 121 Tim Phillips
4. (11) 87 Justin Pike
5. (5) 42 Jerry Morgan
6. (6) 21R Rusty Skaggs
7. (12) B4 Brayton Skaggs
8. (9) 87K Kenny Pike
9. (7) 77jr Brent Bloom
10. (8) tb56 Daniel Long
11. (13) 52 Cory Janasek
12. (1) 18S Mason Sigg
13. (10) 11 Levi Phillips
14. (15) 18 Zach Whitaker
15. (14) 28A Justin Amick
16. (16) 17K Jeremy Lile

1. (1) 18jr Chase Sigg
2. (2) 23 Lucas Dobbs
3. (3) 40 Jessy Willard
4. (6) 11S Scotty Bough
5. (4) 43 Craig Wood
6. (5) 212 William Graham

Late Models
1. (2) 20 Darrell Mooneyham
2. (1) 21D Mark Daye
3. (5) 11 Steve Johnson
4. (3) 6 Dylan Timmerman
5. (4) 221 Jerry Brown
6. (7) 45 Marvin Forrest
7. (6) 10 John Willard

11th Annual CMH Diamond Nationals

From the Missouri State Highway Patrol

Three injured including 2 children in Cass County rollover accident

On 7/8/17 around 1:25pm the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Cass County responded to a one vehicle accident on Northbound Missouri 7 Highway just north of Chandler Road in rural Cass County.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the accident occurred when the 2001 Mazda Protege driven by 62 year old Teresa L. Ross of Belton, Missouri traveled off the left side of the roadway and into the median, driver overcorrected sending the vehicle out of control into a embankment before overturning on the right side of the road.

Teresa L. Ross along with two passengers in the vehicle 11 year old Kari R. Ross and 15 year old Harmony A. Ross both of Bolivar, Missouri all sustained serious injuries in this accident and all were transported to Belton Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The vehicle was totaled and towed from the scene by Johnson's Tow of Harrisonville, Missouri.

Bates County you have done it again!

photo submitted
Yesterday several volunteers took to the intersections of Bates County with a boot block to help the Santana/Callaway Family of Adrian who lost 3 loved ones in a automobile accident on the 4th of July in SE Missouri.

Volunteers collected over $8,000 dollars in the boot block which was set up at the 4 way stop in Butler, Adrian, Passiac and Archie.

We would like to thank everyone who helped work this event and everyone who took time to donate yesterday.

There is nothing in the world like living in this wonderful community full of good hearted people.

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Harrisonville man arrested in Bates County

On 7/8/17 around 10:55pm the Bates County Sheriff's Office arrested 45 year old Curtis W. Olson of Harrisonville, Missouri after a traffic stop on I-49.

Mr. Olson was arrested for 1.) Driving while revoked (3rd Offense/Persistent Offender.

He was booked into the Bates County Jail and he later bonded out.

Heat Watch vs. Warning/Advisory

In the next few days it is very possible that we may be issuing our first heat products of the season. Here is a look at the different heat products NWSKC issues and what they mean. 

Also, here is a look at the forecast temperatures and heat index values for the next 5 days.

Adrian Boy Scout Troop 238 wants to thank you

A BIG THANK YOU to Adrian and local communities for your support of the 2017 High Adventure Crew of Adrian Boy Scout Troop 238 in their fund-raising effort over the past three years. Today these scouts will begin their 68-mile, 12-day hike through the mountains of Cimarron, NM at Philmont Scout Ranch. (Note - our 2020 HA Crew has begun their fund-raising in preparation for their trip, location to be determined. Your continued support is appreciated.) Thank you! (Pix taken at Union Station prior to departure. L-R: Chris Sullins, Carson Elmer, Ashby Bays, Wyait Halliburton, Ian Apple, Seth Hogue, Dale Dowse.)

Clinton man involved in accident in Oregon

Photo Submitted 
A Clinton, Missouri man fell asleep at the wheel and crashed his pickup truck into a statue of a horse in Sisters, Oregon on Friday morning, according to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.

Shortly after 5 a.m., 18-year-old Skylar Doss of Clinton, Missouri, hit the statue at East Cascade Avenue and South Larch Street in Sisters Oregon. 

Mr. Doss, who was alone in the 2005 Ford Ranger, told officers that he had fallen asleep. Both of the airbags in Doss’ truck deployed, and he was uninjured, according to the press release.

The sheriff’s office determined that Doss was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and believes that he did, in fact, fall asleep.

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Lunch Brunch in Adrian

Free lunch served from 11:00-1:00 every Wednesday at the Adrian United Methodist Church! Today's menu is chili dogs, chips, dessert and more!! All are welcome!!