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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Updated Obituary - Christopher Ryan Morton

Officer Christopher Ryan Morton died in the line of duty on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 in Clinton, Mo. Fond memories and condolences may be left online at

Visitation will be Sunday, March 11, 2018 from 2-6pm at the Benson Center, Clinton, Mo. 

Funeral service will be on Monday, March 12, 2018 at 11am also at the Benson Center, Clinton. Burial will be at the Knob Noster Cemetery, Knob Noster, Mo. 

Memorial contributions may be made to the Christopher Ryan Morton memorial fund and may be left in care of the funeral home.

Arrangements have been entrusted to Vansant-Mills Funeral Home, Clinton.

From the Benton County Sheriff's Office

Obituary - Eugene (Gene) Joseph Golden III

Eugene (Gene) Joseph Golden III, 68, of rural Nevada, Missouri, died on March 7, 2018, at Freeman West Hospital, Joplin, Missouri.

Mr. Golden was born May 28, 1949, to Eugene J. Golden, Jr. and Glorianne (McGinn) Golden in Chicago, Illinois. He married Brenda L. Brown on June 10, 1972, in Carbondale, Illinois. He was preceded in death by his mother, and is survived by his wife of nearly 46 years, three children, two grandchildren; a brother Christopher Golden and a cousin, both of Chicago.

Gene played football for, and graduated from, Mendel Catholic High School, Chicago, in 1968 and attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale for a year, which didn’t suit him. He then attended Fox Business College in Chicago for two years, acquiring an associate’s degree.

Mr. Golden loved to play golf until his health prevented him; he continued loving to watch it on television; as well as other sports, especially football. He also loved bowling and bowled for many years in the Men’s League in Nevada, with his wife in the couple’s league, and in the Adult/Child League, until his health prevented him from doing so.

Gene worked a variety of jobs throughout his adult life. He worked for an executive of a railroad for a number of months, then worked for a vacuum company at its home office in Chicago. After marriage, he moved to Carbondale, Illinois and worked first as a gas station attendant, then as a shoe store manager. He and his wife moved to Nevada, Missouri in 1973 and he worked first as a groundskeeper at Nevada Country Club, then at the Sheldon Cheese Factory. He, in turn, worked for a photography company selling portraits, for a snack and chip company as a route salesman, as an advertising representative for KNEM/KNMO radio in Nevada, then for Tapjac/Barton’s Lumber in Nevada. During that job he developed COPD and retired after several years, on disability. He left this life as a result of that disease.

Though he was raised in Catholicism, he made a personal choice to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and became a member of First Baptist Church of Nevada. He grew in faith and trust in our Lord especially after becoming disabled. Gene was devoted to his family, especially to his grandchildren.

Mr. Golden is survived by his wife, son and daughters, James W. Golden, Amber Golden and Christi Good and her husband Eric; his brother Christopher Golden of Chicago, two grandchildren – Emrys and Amarah; several nieces and nephews, and one cousin.

Family visitation will be Sunday, March11 at Ferry Funeral Home, at 4:00 p.m.

Services are to be held at Ferry Funeral Home, Nevada, Missouri at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, March 12, 2018, with Rev. Hubert Fox officiating. Interment will follow in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery east of Nevada, near Dederick, Missouri.

Memorials are suggested in his memory to the First Baptist Church in c/o Ferry Funeral Home.

Obituary - Terry Edward Gray

Terry Edward Gray, 84, passed away on March 7, 2018 in Harrisonville, Missouri, surrounded by his family, whom he dearly loved. Visitation will be held from 10:00-11:00 a.m. Monday, March 12, 2018 at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Harrisonville, Missouri, immediately followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at 11:00 a.m. with burial in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri.

Terry was born July 22, 1933 in Kansas City, Missouri. At age 17, he left home and ventured out on his own to embrace life. He met and married his life-long soul mate, Nora Anne Jolley, on October 11, 1950. He enlisted in the Air Force and served his country from 1953-1957, remaining in the Air Force Reserves until his honorable discharge in 1961. He graduated from Rockhurst College in 1961 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Relations with a minor in Economics.

Terry had a long and distinguished career in Kansas City banking, including serving as President of two local Kansas City banks. After retiring from the banking business, Terry finished his career working along side his sons in a family-owned business.

Through their devoted love and 61 years of marriage, Terry and Nora raised their 7 children and mentored many more throughout their lives. No matter where life took their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, they always had a home base for them to come back for advice, support, and most of all, unconditional love. Others who knew him well cannot think about Terry without characterizing him best as a humble, gracious, and honorable gentleman, a man with deep faith, and a quiet hero to many.

Terry was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Nora Anne Gray, his sons, Terry Edward Gray, Jr., and Benjamin Anthony Gray, and his beloved brothers, Daniel Gray and Thomas Walsh. He is survived by his children, Annie McGlothlin (Steve), Robyn Schmidt (Paul), Matt Gray (Stacia), Nora Dahman (Frank), Gina Gray, Nico Gray (Jeff), and Jennifer Totta (Ben), as well as 18 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, many nieces and nephews, and other beloved family and friends.

He was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and loyal friend to many.

Missing Missouri man could be in Harrisonville Area

From the Nevada Police Department

Anyone need a job in Butler?

A little light hearted reading

The following is an excerpt from the Unintended Consequences of Being A Teenage Boy, ramblings about my childhood while growing up in Bates County. Hope you enjoy! Doug Mager

Growing up in the Missouri outback during the late 1970’s didn’t openly offer things to do to do, so we found ways entertain ourselves. No cell phones, internet or social media. We learned to entertain ourselves. Prior to age 16, it was walk or ride your bike where you needed to go, which lead to some great experiences exploring the creeks and woods, gravel roads and abandoned houses. Truly a simpler time, and I never remember hearing the word boredom from any of my friends. 

One such incident while checking out an abandoned farm house sticks clearly in my mind. The old two story sat far off the road, by itself. No barns or outbuildings. It was visible from the main highway and its vast aloneness peaked my curiosity for a long time. What was in it? Did they leave anything behind? Even from a distance I could see the roof was sagging and all the front windows appeared to be broken out. Time to investigate.

Best bud Robbie and I headed there with a tinge of excitement. Our old house explorations had previously netted a plethora of interesting artifacts- old radios, coins, unidentifiable things (later turned out to be antique vacuum cleaner parts) and a little of you-name-it. We hoped today might be different. 

And it surely was.

Upon arrival we slowly made our way through an open exterior back door that was nearly covered in some viney plant. With a few wasps buzzing around, we proceeded with caution. The musty smell and littering of junk, plaster and animal droppings made the trek inside a little slow and with caution. Interestingly, the old kitchen cabinets still had remnants of days past- 30 year old cans of spices, a little glassware- even the kitchen clock hung on the wall, still plugged in with time stopped forever at 2:34. 

In the living room a vintage black and white television sat on the floor completely intact, just a though it had been put there to be retrieved at a later date. Also laying nearby, strangely enough was a P trap, a cast iron piece of plumbing commonly used as part of a sink drain. Great minds think alike, as we spotted it at the same time. I picked it up, a rather heavy thing, but perfect for busting out the glass on the old TV. Robbie stood back while I made a hardthrow at the front of the old Philco. The result was hardly a scratch, no broken glass or anything. Wow. I could see the look in Robbie’s eyes- he was a pretty tough guy, not easily intimidated- especially by glass that won’t break. He picked up the P trap and made a classic pitcher’s full throw at the Philco. No dice. The trap bounced back and landed almost perfectly at his feet. 

By now he was full on mad. I could almost read his mind…”I’m gonna kill this thing, just sit back and watch”. I moved as far back as I could as he made a run at the set, P trap cocked back and with a full release. KABOOM! Success. Immediately after the explosion the room filled with a funny gas smell and phosphorus dust. Time to move on.

The other rooms and upstairs didn’t net any remarkable finds. We went back outside to find an old style hand water pump on top of a concrete capped well. For some reason we couldn’t leave it alone. Moving the handle up and down didn’t bring water up. I could see it was clearly old and worn out, but Robbie wouldn’t give up. He started pushing the handle up and down really fast. Faster. He was starting to break a sweat. Finally he stopped in frustration and gave the old pump a hard, sideways push. Crack! The concrete well top caved in, leaving Robbie to scramble, clawing, to keep from falling in. The old well pump fell into the hole and crashed like 10 seconds later, making me think that was really deep.

By now he was laying in the grass, eyes wide open, and obviously a little shook up. I peered into the abyss and could see the old well was about 3 feet wide and who knows, 30 feet deep? We both realized at that moment that this was another unintended consequence of being a teenage boy. A near death experience if you will, and we should learn from this. Or would we?

I reached for a Marlboro and Robbie gladly took one too. As we had our proverbial smoke, he was looking around. Getting his wits back, he was looking for something else to destroy; and the front porch seemed to have his attention. The once stately old porch was the entire width of the house, but was only being held up with two small posts at each end. The whole thing was sagging in the middle, too. I envisioned it was like a ton or two of wet, rotten lumber, with vines and birds nests up in the air just waiting to hit the earth. Robbie seemed to share my feelings.

One of the posts was at a slight angle, like it was almost ready to pop out. Robbie made his way onto the porch and gave it a test nudge. No go. Now a harder push but nothing. Now, I saw the same look in his eye as earlier with the TV set. This is a kid that won’t take NO for an answer. With true linebacker form, he made a full frontal attack on the post- resulting in a deafening explosion that caused me to step back, tripping as I did so.

This was followed by dead silence. I raised my face from the weeds to see the porch hinged downward, against the house with dust and Barn Swallows everywhere. No signs of Robbie. No moaning sounds from the rubble. 

My God, it smashed him to death. 

I stood up and ran toward the house- only to find him well clear of the carnage crouched by some bushes. Again, eyes wide open and unable to mutter a single word. The fear on his face spoke volumes about his disposition and quite possibly, he would never do anything like that again. Or would he?

Either way, it was time to go home and never come back here.

FLASHBACK: Calling Bates County

Before cell phones, Instagram and Facebook...

The original prefix for Butler phone numbers, 679, has a bit of history attached. In the 'old days', your personal number was known as ORchard, followed by five unique numbers. For example, ORchard 95307 would have placed a call to a resident located just northwest of the city limits.

OR represented the first two digits, 6 and 7 as noted by modern phone keypads. Back in the day, you could simply dial 9, then the four digit number to complete your call as well. In the days prior to automation, you picked up your handset, waited for the operator to come on line and told her that you wanted to call orchard 5307. Shazam!

Why was it done this way? Every phone exchange (unique prefix) was given a name. Butler was graced with the name Orchard and hence, the rest is history.

However, the system was designed with a shortcoming- only 10,000 unique numbers could be assigned within an exchange. With the advent of cell phones and the need for additional numbers for computer modems, etc., more exchanges were needed which essentially killed the usefulness of the old system.

Just a note- telephone operators still worked in Butler helping folks place calls into the 1970's at the building located just north of the Pennell building on the square.

Note-the original article has been corrected as there were several exchange names available for the 67* prefix, which included ORange, ORchard, ORiole, ORleans and OSborne.  

Kickin' Chicken Dinner in Appleton City

Bates County Memorial Hospital Employee of the month March 2018

Gayle Warden 
Gayle Warden is recognized as the Bates County Memorial Hospital Employee of the Month for March, 2018. Gayle is the administrative assistant for the Nursing Department. 

Gayle performs a variety of duties, including assisting with staff scheduling and coordinating employee education. She keeps the nursing department running smoothly and efficiently. 

She anticipates the needs of both managers and front line staff, and is an excellent resource for any new or seasoned employee. 

Gayle is helpful, courteous, has a positive attitude and helps others. Gayle is an asset to the Nursing Department and the hospital.

Obituary - Christopher R. Morton

Officer Christopher Morton died in the line of duty on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 in Clinton, Mo.  

Fond memories and condolences may be left online at

Arrangements have been entrusted to Vansant-Mills Funeral Home, Clinton and are pending at this time.

Mid America Live News will update when more information is made available to us.

Movie Matinee This Saturday In Amsterdam

Matinee @ 2pm
Saturday, March 10th
Amsterdam Movie Theater Main Street 
TMNT Out of the Shadows 
Bring the family!

Obituary - John R. Meineke, II

John R. Meineke, II, 73, of Calhoun, Missouri died Friday evening, March 2, 2018 at his home.

He was born October 2, 1944 in Kansas City, MO., the son of John Richard Meineke and Juanita Mardel (Dyer) Meineke.

John was a carpenter and co-owner of M and M Refurbishing. He enjoyed refinishing furniture and woodworking of all kinds. He also enjoyed watching movies, playing XBox and Playstation, collecting Nascar memorabilia, and was fascinated with wolves. John was a veteran of the Vietnam War, serving in the United States Navy. He was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1894, Clinton, MO.

Surviving are his life partner, Darlene McFeters of the home; one son, John R. Meineke, III, Memphis, Tennessee; four daughters, Lisa Marie Meineke, Oakland, California, Teela Marie Benjamin and her husband Todd, Pineville, Oregon, Charnella Marie Rosas and her husband Juan Carlos, Atlanta, Georgia, and Melissa Ann Meineke, Warrensburg, MO; one step-son, Thomas McFeters, II, and wife Deanna, of the home; 4 grandchildren, Clinton Meineke, Teela Sumner, John Rudolph, and Julius Rudolph; one great-granddaughter; three brothers, Ronald Meineke and wife Ginger, Wheatland, MO., Raymond Dyer and wife Dona, Creighton, MO., and Scott Meineke and wife Janice, Orange, California; two sisters, Billie Campbell and Tina Dyer, both of Harrisonville, MO.; numerous nieces and nephews; and his four legged family members, Dixie, Darla, Keeko, Eve and Miss Kitty.

He was preceded in death by his parents; one son in infancy; one brother, Russell Meineke; and one sister, Deborah Johnson.

A Memorial Celebration of Life will be at 1:00 p.m. Friday, March 9, 2018 at the Bradley & Hadley Funeral Home, Clinton. Burial will be in Englewood Cemetery. Military services will held be at the graveside under the direction of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1894, Clinton. The family suggests memorial contributions to the American Cancer Society, and these donations may be left in care of the funeral home.

Rain Chances Return Saturday Into Sunday

Several Road Projects Approved by Missouri Highways & Transportation Commission at March Meeting

MoDOT, Southwest District – The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, at its meeting on Wednesday, March 7 in Jefferson City, awarded projects to construction companies to make improvements to state highways and bridges during 2018, the Missouri Department of Transportation said.

Here are the details:
·         U.S. Route 60 in Barry County: Intersection improvements at Missouri Route 37 in Monett
o   Awarded to Emery Sapp & Sons Inc., of Springfield, for a low bid of $439,094

·         Barry County Route VV: Bridge replacement over Little Flat Creek
o   Awarded to Hartman & Company of Springfield for low bid of $717,285

·         Missouri Route 66 in Jasper County: Sidewalk improvements in areas in Joplin
o   Awarded to Hunter Chase & Associates of Springfield for low bid of $478,596

·         Jasper County Route FF: Sidewalk and traffic signal improvements between Missouri Route 43 and I-49 in Joplin
o   Awarded to Branco Enterprises Inc., of Neosho for low bid of $1,766,650

·         I-44 in Lawrence County: Concrete pavement replacement in areas
o   Awarded to Emery Sapp & Sons Inc., of Springfield for low bid of $3,936,174

·         I-49 in McDonald County: Concrete pavement repair between Missouri Route 59 and McDonald County Route H
o   Awarded to Blevins Asphalt Construction Co., of Brookline for low bid of $84,750

·         Newton County Route J: Sidewalk improvements between Missouri Route 59 and Lucas Street in Diamond and between 3rd Street and Route 37 in Wentworth
o   Awarded to Branco Enterprises Inc., of Neosho for low bid of $337,515

·         Missouri Route 86 in Newton County: Sidewalk improvements between Neosho Boulevard and Newton County Route HH in Neosho
o   Awarded to Branco Enterprises Inc., of Neosho for low bid of $594,493

·         I-44: Asphalt pavement repair from the Oklahoma state line to Route 360 in Greene County
o   Awarded to Blevins Asphalt Construction Co., of Mount Vernon for low bid amount of $272,500

·         I-49: Asphalt pavement repair from the Cass County line to Route 54 in Vernon County
o   Awarded to APAC-Central Inc., of Fayetteville, Ar. for low bid of $70,000

·         I-49: Asphalt pavement repair from Route 54 in Vernon County to I-44 in Jasper County
o   Awarded to Blevins Asphalt Construction Co., of Mount Vernon for low bid of $208,950

·         Various state routes in MoDOT’s Southwest District: Pavement sealing with rock and oil
o   Blevins Asphalt Construction Company of Mount Vernon, for a low bid amount of $1,599,000

Construction on the projects will start sometime later this year and be completed by the end of 2018. More information on the projects will be announced prior to the projects’ start dates.

Obituary - Kenneth D. Officer

Kenneth D. Officer, 81, Harrisonville, Missouri departed this life on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at Research Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri.

He is survived by nieces and nephews.

Funeral service will be 2:30 p.m., Sunday, March 11, 2018 at the Dickey Funeral Home, Harrisonville, Missouri. Cremation to follow the service.

Family will receive friends from 1:30 p.m. until 2:30 p.m., Sunday, March 11, 2018 at the funeral home.

Family suggests memorial contributions may be made to the Worship Center Memorial Fund, Harrisonville, Missouri.

A complete obituary will be posted when it becomes available.

Obituary - Douglas E. Isaacson

Douglas Eugene Isaacson of Kansas City, Kansas was born April 2, 1962 in Buford, South Carolina the son of Irvin Lee and Helen Louise (Rapp) Isaacson. He departed this life on Monday, March 5, 2018 at his home at the age of 55 years, 11 months and 3 days. 

Doug was employed as a manager for Griffin Wheel in

Kansas City, Kansas until his retirement. He grew up in Rockville, Missouri and was a member of Zion Lutheran Church, Prairie City, Missouri. He was a 1981 graduate of Rich Hill High School in Rich Hill, Missouri. Doug loved his daughter and grandchildren. He was an accomplished artist, enjoyed painting, the outdoors, fishing, watching and playing football.

He was preceded in death by his parents.

Doug is survived by his daughter, Delanya Marshall and her husband, Patrick, Harrisonville, Missouri; two grandchildren, Isabella and Peyton; his sister, Tena Brand, Kingsville, Missouri; other relatives and a host of friends. 

Cremation. A graveside and inurnment will be scheduled at a later date.

Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Dickey Funeral Home, Harrisonville, Missouri.

Obituary - Brian Badger

Brian Badger, 60, of Pleasant Hill, departed this life, Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at his home.

Visitation will be held 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Sunday, March 11, 2018, at the Stanley-Dickey Funeral Home, Pleasant Hill, Missouri.

Funeral services will be held 10:00 a.m. Monday, March 12, 2018, at the funeral home. Pastor Greg Cranston will officiate. Interment will be in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Memorial contributions are suggested to Gideon’s International and may be sent in care of the funeral home.

Online condolences may be sent to the family at

Arrangements: Stanley-Dickey Funeral Home, 203 N. Armstrong, Pleasant Hill, Missouri 64080 (816) 540-5550

A complete obituary will be published here as that information becomes available.

Nevada woman arrested in Vernon County

On 3/7/18 around 6:49pm the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Vernon County arrested 36 year old Vanessa M. Masterson of Nevada, Missouri.

She was arrested for 1.) Misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated 2.) Misdemeanor Driving While Revoked 3.) Failure to drive on the right half of the roadway.

Vanessa M. Masterson was booked into the Vernon County Jail in Nevada, Missouri and she is currently listed as bondable.

Copyright Mid America Live News 

Disclaimer: Arrest records are public information. Any indication of an arrest does not mean the individual identified has been convicted of a crime. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

From the Missouri State Highway Patrol

Clinton Police Department Officer-Involved Shooting Investigation:

At approximately 9:22 p.m., on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, Clinton police officers were dispatched to 306 West Grandriver Street for a 911 call. Henry County 911 operators could hear two women arguing and advised the officers of the line being open. Upon the officers’ arrival they contacted a female, Tammy Widger, of Clinton, MO. Ms. Widger advised there was not a problem and there wasn't anybody else in the residence. 

After confirming with dispatch the address of the residence, officers entered the house where they encountered the suspect. The suspect began firing at the officers and subsequently killed Officer Ryan Morton, and wounded two additional officers. Members of the Bates County Tactical Team and members of the Troop A SWAT Team entered the residence to remove Officer Morton. 

At 12:10 a.m., on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, members of the Troop A SWAT Team and the Bates County Tactical team entered the residence to apprehend the suspect. They located the suspect in the bathroom deceased from a gunshot wound. Further investigation revealed the phone number from the original 911 call came from an address in Windsor, MO, and not the residence of the officer-involved shooting. 

The deceased suspect has been identified as James E. Waters, 37, from Clinton, MO. Autopsies on the officer and suspect are pending. 

The investigation continues by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Clinton Police Department, and the Henry County Sheriff’s Department.

Courtesy of MSHP Sgt. Bill Lowe

Firearm Auction tonight in Eldorado Springs, Missouri

Event Reminder:

Firearm Auction Thursday, March 08, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. Firearms can be viewed beginning at 4:00 p.m.

Auctioneer's Note: The city is selling surplus firearms accumulated over the years by the Police Department. All buyers must pass a Federal background check. 

Background checks compliments of Bear Arms. Auction Services provided by Shannon & Associates Real Estate and Auctions.