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Thursday, June 27, 2019

FLASHBACK: A vital component for the Electric City

Butler Light Plant circa 1950's
Many years ago if you were in the vicinity of west Mill street, there was a constant rumbling that could be heard up to several blocks away. That was the sound of diesel engines generating power by Butler's very own light plant seen here. There have been many upgrades since its infancy, where it originally generated inefficient DC power- later changing over to AC, as it was much better for sending electricity over a long distance.

A few of the older (and still operational) engines can be seen through the windows today, not to mention one of the oldest engines which is on display outside.

While the plant doesn't run as much as it used to, it is on stand by, ready to light the Electric City when the need arises.

Butler Light Plant today
A vintage 'genset' (engine and generator) on display in the east yard