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Monday, August 17, 2020

4-H saved the summer for some...

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While just about every activity was cancelled this summer, fortunately our local 4-H clubs were able to proceed with shows. Case in point, here's a note from Josh Nieder of Amsterdam: 

To say that 2020 is one that we will never forget is an understatement. We told our kids when summer sports were cancelled that this just meant we had more time to spend in the barn. From the countless hours spent walking and brushing to all of the literal blood, sweat, and tears that Brayden and Brielle spent working with hogs and cattle, it paid off far more than we could have ever dreamed.
Thank you to literally everyone in the backdrop picture and everyone else that either wasn’t there or wouldn’t let me talk them into joining, we truly appreciate our Swine Barn Family and their support. 

Reserve 4H Crossbred
Reserve 4H barrow overall
4th Overall barrow
Dirty South x Dilly Dilly
Raised by Team Sloan Livestock

Editor's note- Here's to hoping next year is back to normal!