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Friday, August 21, 2020

Scam Alert in Harrisonville

SCAM ALERT: It has been brought to our attention that people posing as members of a tree trimming service have been approaching Harrisonville residents with their services, but doing very little work and charging large amounts of money.

There are many signs to look for when spotting an imposter.
Here are 10 practical tips to help you stay ahead:

1. Spot imposters.
2. Do online searches.
3. Be skeptical about caller ID from companies you have never heard of.
4. Don't pay upfront for a promise.
5. Consider how you pay.
6. Talk to someone.
7. Hang up on robocalls.
8. Be skeptical about free trial offers.
9. Don't deposit a check and wire money back.
10. Sign up for free scam alerts from the FTC at

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Please use caution when doing any kind of business with individuals who you do not know. We value your well-being and do not want to see you fall victim to these heartbreaking scams.