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Saturday, October 10, 2020

“Lighting the Past” puts spotlight on Butler history

 “Lighting the Past” is bringing new attention to Butler’s past.  Old style lightbulbs painted on the sidewalks have begun marking points of interest around town.  “Lighting the Past” is the latest project of the Butler Historic Preservation Commission to recognize the story of how Butler became the city it is today.  Each lightbulb is numbered and tells the story of that property and has photographs from back in its history.  The first three of these “Lighting the Past” are now featured and more will be added in the coming weeks.  

     You can reference each numbered bulb by checking on the City of Butler’s website -  - And the BHPC’s Facebook page - Butler Historic Preservation Commission.

If you have photographs of Butler’s past - homes, businesses, events, parades, stories, advertising, etc. please share them with this Commission so that they can be preserved and made available for others to view.  You can email them to

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Editors note- this week we will be highlighting locations around the city. Enjoy!