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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Scam Alert in the area!

We have recently taken several reports of scams in Linn County and several in other counties as well.

One is a scam involving a subject calling you reporting they are from Evergy and asking that you send money to prevent your electricity from being disconnected. Evergy does not do business this way and you should discontinue the call with the scammer. 

The second is from Publishers Clearinghouse, this caller is telling you that you have won prizes and cash, they are then asking for money to be sent to them to process your prize winnings. 

Again, this is not how Publishers Clearinghouse does business, please discontinue the call with the scammer. Please talk to the elders in your life and let them know of the scams. They are being targeted. - Courtesy of the Linn County Kansas Sheriff's Office