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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Vote Alvin Griffin Northern Commissioner

As Northern Commissioner I have proudly served for nearly four years. Having served our Country in the U.S. Air Force in my early years I learned many lessons. As a young airman in the Air Force I was taught skills in civil engineering and became a team leader in four years. I then cross trained into Air Traffic Control and served four more years. In that field I served as a team member and then a team leader, while stationed in Springfield, Ohio and a remote tour in Alaska my last year. As a veteran of any branch you learn how to work together to solve problems, find solutions and get the job done. Today I take pride in fulfilling my duties as Northern Commissioner by making decisions that best fit the needs of the County. I am my own person, no political party, no special interest groups, influence my decisions.Three Commissioners work to bring success to your County and each one of us has a duty to act in best interest of Bates County not ourselves. I  answer to the residents in my district by "listening with the intent to understand, not with the intent to just reply" a quote by Stephen Covey. I would appreciated your vote in November to continue as Northern Commissioner. Thank you. Alvin Griffin
This ad paid for by Griffin for Northern Commissioner. Lynn Bagby Treasure.