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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Scam Alert from the Harrisonville Police Department

SCAM ALERT! A Harrisonville resident was recently tricked by scammers using Facebook marketplace. What scammers will do is take a generic picture of a vehicle (to include tractors, ATVs/UTVs, boats, etc) and post it multiple times in multiple cities.

When contacted about purchasing the vehicle they'll claim it's in another city (often using the excuse of "I'm in the military") and send you a link purporting to be from Ebay motors or similar sites to pay for it and shipping. They then have you get gift cards and pay that way to make it harder to dispute the transactions or get your funds back.

Things to watch for:
1 - Vehicles priced suspiciously low
2 - Multiple listings from the same seller but in different locations
3 - Refusal to meet in person (As a reminder you can always use the parking lot of HPD to conduct transactions)
4 - Always check websites/links to insure they go to the legitimate company.

Attached are some screenshots showing examples of suspicious listings found by one of our officers on Facebook. We are not claiming these items are actually scams but they are examples of ones to pay particular attention to.