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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Whew. The election is over?

Well yes, at least at the local level. In fact, the big dogs in charge of our country could take a cue from little 'ol Bates County

Mid America Live, along with personnel from FM 92.1 set up inside the commissioner's office expecting a long night (the August primary was a painful wait) but were pleasantly surprised as things moved right along without a hitch.

Equally surprising was that Bates County Clerk Marlene Wainscott, who is recovering from a serious car accident, on was hand to make sure everything was running smoothly.

With the uncertainty of this year in particular, we asked Wainscott yesterday morning what she thought voter turnout would be- her guess was 80%, and shazam! the final tally came to 79.95%. 

However, as the night progressed, everyone was seeing red.  Republicans snagged some big numbers locally- Trump 6,595 and Biden 1,672; same for Parson 6,409 and Galloway 1,762. On down the list, it was pretty much the same theme for other state offices.

Locally, for the Southern Commissioner seat, Trent Nelson (2,386) took a wide margin over incumbent Larry Hacker (1,521). Newcomer Ken Mooney (2,936) edged incumbent Alvin Griffin (1,373) as Northern Commissioner. 

Another heated race was for the Assessor position,  Corbin Wainscott (3,083) fell to Carl Bettels (5,151). All other county races were uncontested; we would like to congratulate Brenda Doody as Public Administrator.

With that, came a clear NO on Amendment 1, and a clear YES on Amendment 3.

Congratulations, Bates County, you exercised your dutiful right to vote. 

Now, can someone call Washington and get the rest of this mess cleaned up?