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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Better serving you!

Recently Dr. Jama Bogart, Interim Director of Rural Health Clinics at Nevada Regional Medical Center, announced that in order to better serve the patients of Dr. Benjamin Wilson, his office will be moved from the NowCare Clinic to the Primary Care Center at 627 S. Ash. 

Because this location is just across the street and north of the hospital, it is hoped that Dr. Wilson’s greater proximity to the hospital will benefit his patients and the hospital as a whole. 

Nurse Practitioner Jessica Cornett will also be moving from the NowCare Clinic to this new location. 

In order to facilitate the transition Dr. Jama Bogart and Nurse Practitioner Katelyn Erwin will move from the Primary Care Center to the NowCare Clinic at 345 S. Barrett Street. These moves should be completed by the first of the year.