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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

COVID-19 Update from Adrian Manor

This is Sheila Wackerman from Adrian Manor. I have to inform you that we have had four more residents test positive for COVID and two staff members today. We have notified those resident’s families that have been involved in the moving and notified the families of the positive residents. We have had 4 residents recuperate and have or will be moved back into the general population hall today. All residents are still isolated to their rooms. 

We will be testing staff on Tuesday and Thursdays, the residents will be retested again Monday. But we will be monitoring all residents closely for signs or symptoms. And if we see any resident starting to show any signs and symptoms we will test them at that time. This extends our isolation time again. We will have to go through at least 2 rounds of testing until we get 2 consecutive rounds with everyone being negative. I also want you to know that we had 3 state surveyors in today to do another Infection Control Survey and we had no deficiencies. 

They all three encouraged us to keep up the good work, even though we all are frustrated and as one of them stated it seems like we are swimming upstream like a salmon but we are making a difference. I have a great team, they are giving it their all to take care of our residents. Walgreens is definitely going to proceed with the vaccination clinic on January 12th. 

I will need the consent forms for the vaccination by the 8th . My nurses back in the positive unit are updating the number one emergency contact on record daily. But, if there is a change in condition they will contact the emergency person immediately. 

I am asking you to forward the information given to you on the daily basis to the other members of the family, so that we are not taking our nurses away from the direct care the residents need. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.