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Thursday, December 10, 2020

From the desk of Appleton City R-2 School District Superintendent Joe Dunlap

With the end of the first semester approaching, along with the holiday season, we look back on what we have been through here in Appleton City R-II School District. Over all, there is a lot to be grateful for.

We have not experienced anything like the lockdown, which happened in March, April and May. They majority of our students have been in school receiving seated classroom instruction. All of us agree that there is no better way to teach kids than to have them present in the classroom with the teachers and resources they need. We have made the best of any distance learning that has been necessary with our team giving 120% in every way to make the experience as effective as possible.

The goal of our Board of Education and Staff has been and will continue to be to use quarantining only when needed to keep kids and staff safe and to bring them back as soon as is safely possible.

Teaching happens in two ways at ACR2. First is in the classroom; great teachers giving everything they have to motivate and educate the kids of our community, support staff meeting the needs of our kids as they go through their day, and administration providing leadership that supports our mission. 

Teaching also happens during our extracurricular activities: clubs, academic and service activities, the arts, and athletics. Here as well as in the classroom, the community and our staff have had great success as partners in keeping most of these opportunities available and safe for our kids. This partnership deserves to be celebrated and continued.

This road has not been easy in many ways; but everyone involved has strived to do their best with the commitment to do better.

Both in and out of the classroom, our strength lies in the mission statement of our district: Building Unique and Lifelong Learners, Developing Ongoing Growth and Success. 

We are strongest when we work together, help each other in our weaknesses and support each other in our successes. On behalf of the Appleton City R-II Board of Education and ACR2 staff, we thank you.

Joe Dunlap
Appleton City R-II Superintendent