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Monday, December 7, 2020

Public Service Announcement: Lock your vehicles


John Floyd had a gun stolen from US. Out of his vehicle that was sitting in our driveway! We live on Birch street in Butler. We always keep our vehicles locked, but John had just got back from the store and was unloading groceries and starting dinner when this happened. 

I hesitated to post, because I didn’t want a lot of people knowing, but I feel like the more people that know, and the more the word gets out, that it would be harder for some one to sale or trade. 

Considering it had to be a low life scum bag thief, I’m assuming they either want money or drugs for it. The gun is a Glock 43 compact loaded with 6 rounds of self defense bullets with one in the chamber. All black with true glow front sites. 

Hornady ammo, 6 round mag. This gun does not have a safety on it. We just want our gun back before some one ends up hurt or it’s traded for drugs or money! It has been reported to the police, along with the serial number for it. 

If anyone hears of anything please contact the Butler Police Department at 660-679-6131.