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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Thank you for the donation!

The Clinton Fire Department would like to thank Skyler Hinton and Danny Michael, of Skys the Limit Fiberglass Repair and Detailing, for their generous donation of $1,000 in bicycles for our Christmas Cheer Bicycle Program!

When Skyler and Danny delivered the bicycles today, Skyler shared that he was the recipient of a bicycle from our program approximately 20 years ago. 

He stated that he knew that one day he would pay it forward. He recalled how awesome it was to receive a bicycle at Christmas and wanted other children to have that same feeling at Christmas time. Thank you Skyler and Danny for finding value in our program and for your amazing donation!

Pictured (hard to tell with their masks on) is left to right: Firefighter Frank Mesh, Skyler Hinton, Danny Michael, Firefighter Nathan Leochner, and Engineer Chris Reno.