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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Museum Minute: Fisk Theatre burns

Museum Minute


Goodbye 2020….  The Bates County Museum Welcomes 2021!

Museum Minute presents This Week in History
(According to Eddie Herrman Archives)

First Week of January in the Year:  

1951 – Fisk Theatre and Jennings Market block burns on the southwest corner of the Butler Square.  
1883 – In the annual report of Marshal Wolfe, Bates County Coal Mine Inspector, there are 195 Mines operating, 95,000 acres of workable coal lands.  90% of the coal shipped out of Bates County is mined within 3 miles of Rich Hill.  
1878 – The North side of the butler square burns.  Firefighters are hampered by the cold weather, lack of water and inadequate equipment.  
1920 – The State of Missouri issues a special tax stamp for dispensing opium to J. E. Stepps of Spruce.  
1921 – The Old Men’s Club, which meets nearly every day at the basement of the Bates County Courthouse, has made a list of the 59 men of Butler who are over 75 years old. 
1886 – A severe storm, one of a series known as the ‘Blizzard of ‘86’ sweeps through Kansas into Bates Co. and south.  It leaves 80% of the cattle killed in the storm’s path.
1880 – Finishing touches are being given the Palace Hotel.  The stoves are in and Mr. Shaw has gone to St. Louis for furniture, dishes, etc.  
1899 – A smooth operator rents a room in private homes, then when alone ransacks the residence, stealing what he can.  He eludes Butler and Rich Hill lawmen.  
1943 – Claude White, of Charlotte Township, while shucking corn, is charged by a wolf and he kills it with a shovel.  
1897 – The office of the Rich Hill Mining Review newspaper burns. 
1882 – The Robinson Circus opens winter headquarters at Rich Hill with nightly exhibitions.   1859 – The records show the Bates County Court is concerned about an organized band of robbers, murderers, and midnight assassins, from Kansas Territory, has made assaults into Bates Co. The Court empowers the Sheriff to deputize any and all men needed to repel these hoodlums.
1923 – 250 attend the annual meeting of the Hume Live Stock Shipping Association.  The Hume 8 piece orchestra entertains, followed by an oyster supper.