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Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Museum Minute: Meteorite falls in the Marais Des Cygne

Museum Minute presents This Week in History
(According to Eddie Herrman’s Archives)

December 18, 1899 – The Bates County Courthouse is condemned and the occupants begin removing equipment as the walls seem ready to fall.  

December 18, 1882 – Several socialites, from Butler, take the 9 PM train to Rich Hill to attend the “Qui Vive Clubs” ball, at the Talmadge House.  They return, by train, in the wee hours.

December 19, 1870 – Someone puts arsenic in feed at the Crayton Owen farm, near Altona, poisoning 110 head of cattle and horses.  Several die.

December 19, 1848 – Southeastern Bates County is reeling from the six weeks of continuous sleet.  Cattle are dying and many broken bones have been suffered by beast and man.

December 20, 1906  The State of Missouri Labor Bureau reports there are 41 manufacturing businesses in Bates County.

December 21, 1908 – Witnesses say a large meteorite, that fell in the Marais Des Cygne river bottoms bounced several times before disintegrating.  

December 21, 1861 – Major Williams and his 3rd Kansas Regulars have burned Butler and Papinville and have returned to Kansas.

December 22, 1871 – Ice six inches thick is being cut out of Mound Branch.  The editor of the Bates Co Record newspaper says it’ll make good ice water, come July.

December 23, 1903 – Candles on a Christmas tree catch the tree on fire and damages the Dr. Everingham home at 500 N. Main, Butler.

December 24, 1862 – For aiding and abetting the Rebels, Mr. Slater is shot by a firing squad of State Militia, on the northwest corner of the Butler square.  

December 24, 1879 – A shooting match is held at Stumptown, winners getting turkeys.

December 25, 1895 – The Butler Fire Department holds a grand ball and banquet, at the hose house, under City Hall, 215 N. Main.

December 25, 1882 – M. S. Cowles, Rich Hill merchant, gives Christmas entertainment and dinners at the surrounding coal mines.