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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Adrian Manor: Questions prompt special meeting

A special city council meeting was called this afternoon surrounding the announcement of the closure of Adrian Manor and Crystal Manor earlier this month. Aside of the council and a few guests, also present today was real estate agent Ella Tindle on behalf of a prospective buyer for the facilities.

As expressed by Tindle, the interested party has questions about not only the physical properties but would also like to know more about business side prior to Covid. Parallel to these questions, council member Jeff Vick also voiced concerns on behalf of citizens who have contacted him. It quickly became apparent in today's session this is a very sticky situation. 

First, some background: The Adrian Manor was purchased by the city over 40 years ago, creating an unusual arrangement where a city owns business property and that now has created a dilemma for a council who have to answer questions and be accountable. Even the city's attorney agrees such ownership is not recomended and forming an exit strategy is a good uh, great idea.

That being said, in recent years the city has not been actively involved in the business side of the Adrian Manor and Crystal Manor and answering of those questions may fall at the feet of Administrator Sheila Wackerman. Up until now, Wackerman has not divulged such info to the public, pending approval and involvement from the city. Regardless of the actual numbers, Wackerman has made it clear that excessive costs and losses due to Covid are the primary reasons for the closure.

There were more questions. Why hasn't the city been more involved in the business side of the Manor? Who actually owns the business? Are there any special considerations (such as accepting bids) when selling it? Should/can the facilities be sold separately? Those are just a few and most will require an attorney to answer.

While it's apparent the actions of those in the past (the original purchase) can't be factored into todays problem, the decision was made to have the potential buyer provide a list of questions to better prepare the council for an upcoming meeting with the interested party, Wackerman, the city attorney and all others involved. 

That date of that meeting is expected to be released soon. Mid America Live will continue to follow and provide updates as they develop.