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Friday, January 22, 2021

And so its over! Adrian Manor set to close

And so, it is over. Our Residents have found new homes, our staff are scattering to the wind . Many taking a much needed collective breath before seeking other opportunities. The past 2 to 3 months have been have been more than challenging to say the very least. It has been more like working in a war zone with many of our loved ones being the casualties.

At this point, our last reason for working in our building rolled out around 2 pm.

If I might say so, this was the best, caring, team in the business and I can say this because one by one, as the Residents left, they told us this in many different ways. We pray collectively for each one of them and their family members that their new homes will be happy and well cared for.

It touched our hearts that so many showed us so much love these past few weeks. Thanking Lynn Hines and the Wiltermood family for treating us to Flatbread pizza's from the Wine Journal on Tuesday.

And last but not least, Thank You to our friends at St.Croix hospice for the beautiful parade (and dance)of Love, appreciation and encouragement on our last day. You had us in tears and stitches all at the same time. Sharing some photos of our incredible team in our last few days. (Wendy took most of them.)

For me, this has been a 26 year love affair with so very many Residents and Families coming thru my office. We have loved and remember each one and we Thank all for sharing your loved one's with us and allowing us to care for them and you in a very special and fragile times in their life. It has been a fantastic honor and privilege to do so.

I was told at the time I was hired all those many years ago that at Adrian Manor, it is always "Residents First". I think most of us throughout the facility adhered to that purpose.
Liz Chancellor, SSD