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Friday, January 22, 2021

Henry County Health Center COVID -19 Vaccination Update:

Henry County Health Center has received their first shipment of vaccines. The individuals on 1B, tier 1, will be the first to receive the vaccination.

Those individuals who this applies to have already been notified and are aware when they are scheduled.

As supplies continue to come in, HCHC will make sure that each tier is addressed in the order that they were put forth from the State Department of Health and Senior Services, Public Health. All individuals or organizations that have signed up for their tier will be vaccinated in that order. If you believe that you fall into any tier within 1B, please call or text: 660-492-6605 and leave a message.

The message should include your first and last name, contact phone number, and which tier of 1B you fall in. You WILL NOT receive a call back at the time you sign up, but will be contacted when your name comes up on the list. Please only call the phone number listed above, as it is allocated for the vaccine registration only.

“This is an exciting time when we are able to provide a vaccine to protect the residents in our community. It is also a stressful time, however, due to the slow movement in vaccine distribution. Please be patient with those who are working hard to get the vaccines to you and your family,” said the Henry County Health Center Administrator, Peggy Bowles. “This is the first step in many, but we will get there. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Henry County Health Center continuously updates the COVID-19 information on the HCHC Facebook page, Twitter, and on Please stay tuned to upcoming updates on the vaccines for our county through all social media platforms and local papers.