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Thursday, January 21, 2021

News from Ward 4 Butler Councilman Dale Newkirk

As I reflect on my term on the City Council, I am happy to say we have accomplished a lot for our community and the citizens of Butler.

The Town Halls were a huge success and we got great input from our residents. Hopefully we can resume these this year.

We spent many hours working on a plan to attract new jobs and our efforts were reward when Dollar Tree and FFE announced they were coming to town. We should be announcing another in the near future.
A plan was implemented to repair our infrastructure and we have resurfaced or sealed several streets with more to come.

Due to the efforts of Our Mayor and current City Council, the city is in better financial shape than we have been in years.

We have taken many steps to improve our great community and I look forward to our future. 

It is with a humble heart and much appreciation of your support, that I announce that I am seeking reelection as your ward 4 Council Man.

Respectfully yours,
Dale Newkirk
Ward 4 Councilman