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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Butler Home Improvement Club meets

The Butler Home Improvement Club
met January 19th at the home of Pat Friedrich. Pat welcomed us and we collected dues for 2021. Pat led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. We then had roll call and was answered by 6 members with a cute Maxine quote. Pat gave devotion with a Bible verse and a cute story about cats and life lessons on being humble and how Jesus loves us. Minutes were read and approved for November and December by Laura Rank. In discussing new business, we were reminded that all meetings will begin at 6 pm. Laura Rank read the constitution and we talked about increasing the remembrance gift amount, which we will decide  and vote on next month. We will also elect officers next month, since not enough for a vote were in attendance. 

Some new business was discussed  about what to do about the rest home ladies that we sponsor. We will discuss  this next month also, since no one is able to visit the rest homes at this time due to the virus. Vicki Vail had the pig 'n poke box and Kristy Franklin took it for January. It had hand lotion, body lotion, hand sanitizer and a candle. Pat Friedrich had the guess box and Louis Foster guessed it. It was a beautiful stretch pearl bracelet and necklace. Louis Foster brought the door prize and Laura won that. It was a sweet valentine mug filled with candy kisses and a delicious smelling candle. 

We went ahead and discussed that we would all love to have this years Christmas party at the Friendship Church again, because we all enjoyed it there in 2020 and that would be Tuesday December 14th, because the following week is just too close to Christmas. We will, of course, discuss this at next months meeting. Pat Friedrich, our hostess, served a delicious bread pudding dessert with tea and coffee. Everyone visited, and a wonderful time was had by all. - submitted