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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Council upholds ordinance regarding sewer connection

From the Butler city council meeting last night

A short discussion was held about the planning commission meeting that has been postponed until March regarding the Kansas City Beef Company due to a technicality. It turns out that proper notification was not made to the public regarding the meeting and that has been resolved. This will include putting a small sign notifying the public of the upcoming meeting in the front lawn of the facility in south Butler. It was also noted that one person on the planning commission will need to be replaced.

The airport commission has selected a new engineering firm and is looking at doing crack sealing on the taxiways and runway. Cost of the project is estimated at $300,000 but the city would only need to pay a small portion of that, thanks to an airport improvement grant.

Miles Umstattd has purchased 40+ acres in south Butler where he plans to build a home and had asked the city if they could make a concession regarding connection to the city sewer system. Umstattd preferred installing a septic system over trenching a long distance through rock to connect to the city sewer, and although he would not use the system, offered to pay the city for a sewer connection anyway. The city ordinance cites that connection to city sewer must be made and while councilman Sargent made a motion to make an exception, the motion did not receive a second and the motion died. 

It was noted the the Butler power plant has been running to offset peak demand to help keep consumer costs down.

There will be a budget meeting at 7 am on February 27th. 

Lot modifications for three properties in Butler were approved. One includes the lot just west of Conoco where a new Burger King will be built; it was also noted that a timeline for the construction of the restaurant will be made available soon.

Following a discussion of city business licenses in the last meeting, it was announced that 14 licenses have been purchased/renewed since. For any business wishing to obtain a license, the form and information are on the website.

Thanks was given to city crews dealing with power and water issues during the extreme cold weather by many council members near the close of the session.