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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Kudos To The City of Adrian Water & Street Department Team

On Tuesday morning we awoke to -15 degree temperature with a - 40 degree wind chill and the fear that our water pipes might be frozen. You would almost want to celebrate when you turned on the faucet and found that you still had water flowing at your house. Unfortunately, for our city water department and street department crews, one of the coldest nights that we have had in years, prompted many problems for them.

It was mid-morning on Tuesday when a very large water leak was discovered at the intersection of Fifth & Virginia. The leak was large enough that it almost emptied both of our water towers within just a couple of hours. 

When I was contacted and made aware of the situation, the crews were doing everything they could to mitigate the situation, and get water back into the towers, but it was obvious that fire protection was going to be compromised until the water towers were back in service. At that time, I reached out to several fire departments and put them on alert of our situation. 

Arrangements were made for additional water tankers and pumper trucks to respond should Adrian have a structure fire. Our fire crews were standing by and monitoring the situation throughout the day and into the night as well.

While the crews were trying to make repairs on the first large leak, another large leak was reported to be at Main & Bates and bad news just kept coming, but they just kept working. I want to express our thanks and send a huge kudos and shout out of appreciation to our city crew members for all their hard work and efforts. They worked through the night and were still working when I followed up with Mark early on Wednesday morning. No doubt, some of the crew had been at it for 24 hours and were still going. Great job you guys and we appreciate your hard work!

As of 10:00 this morning, I was told that our towers were almost completely full allowing us to stand down from some of the automatic responses from other fire departments. Our thanks to: Butler Fire, Central Cass Fire, Drexel Fire, and Garden City Fire for helping cover us if services were needed. Thanks to Bates County EMA for offering any assistance we might need during these circumstances.


Gary Dizney

Adrian Fire Chief