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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Way to go!

At Monday evening's Board of Education meeting, the district recognized two students who recently met graduation requirements through the Missouri Option Program.

In order to ensure success for all students, Clinton High School offers the Missouri Option Program, an alternative route to a high school diploma for those students who need it. This program has proven to be an effective way to help keep students in school, lower drop-out rates, and improve college and career readiness.

Students enrolled in Missouri Option are struggling in some way or another to meet certain criteria to graduate (family life, attendance, etc.). Students in this program are required to pass five state tests in Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading, and Writing. 

Once they pass all the requirements they are then an official Clinton High School graduate and will walk with the rest of their classmates at graduation.

With the permission of Elizabeth and Damen (pictured below), their Missouri Options teacher, Nathan Johnson, shares their story of hard work and success.

"Elizabeth and Damen came to my class with very little time to spare before their baby was due. They struggled to attend school because they were living on their own, getting ready to bring a baby into the world, and worked full-time jobs. They passed all their required classes and state tests within the first month of enrolling in the MO Option program because they knew they had little time before the baby was going to be here. 

They worked extremely hard both at school and outside of school to be able to finish as quickly as possible. They are a prime example of always believing in yourself and not letting anyone ever tell you that you are stuck or you can't do something."

Congratulations Elizabeth and Damen!