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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Attention city of Rich Hill

It is imperative that Proposition 1 passes to maintain sustained income for the City of Rich Hill in the future. Franchise fees charged to utilities operating in the city limits is common practice. Most cities have generalized franchise fee agreements in place.

Rich Hill has franchise fee agreements with several entities now; however these have an expiration date and must be brought back and approved every so many years to continue. 

They also have a limit of how many continuations are allowed. In passing Proposition 1, we bring Rich Hill up to current standards of not having to have individual agreements with companies.

The city would then charge a standard fee that is necessary for maintaining operations in the city. Police, street repairs, parks, and the cemetery all rely on these franchise fees to continue operations without taking money from the citizens pockets.

I understand that franchise fees and PILOTS can be very confusing, but if you have any questions please reach out to a councilperson or the mayor instead of just voting no.