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Monday, March 8, 2021

Catfishing Tournament at LaCygne Lake

RCATZ Tournaments
Day Tournament

LaCygne Lake, KS
Marina Ramp

Saturday March 20th
8 am to 5 pm

Entry fee: $125
$100 to pot and $25 to big fish

Payout depends on places, places depends on entries.
5 fish limit channel, blues, or flathead. 5 heaviest fish.

Registration: Starts @ 7am one team member must be there to register and at weight in everyone must have rods out of water at 5 pm and at weight in

Remember the more teams the higher the payouts.

Working on getting more sponsors to sweeten the pots. With prizes and more $ for higher payouts. Rod and Reel only.

1. All state and local regulators must be followed.

2. Time will be from 8am to 5pm Registration starts at 7am with captains meeting and rules to follow.

3. Consist of 2-3 man teams or (may fish solo), but no more than 6 rods in water at one time.

4. Rod and Reel only. Boat only. No leaving of the lake. Once you setup. Unless you contact me to let me know you are leaving

5. All live wells will be checked before anyone gets on water.

6. All fish must be alive at weight in. No more than 5 fish in boat at weight in.

7. We all are out here to have fun and win money of course. So respect the fellow fisherman and don't crowd them. Atleast 50 yards

8. Absolutely no prefishing lake 12hrs prior to tournament. I will be watching. If caught cheating of any means will result in disqualification and forfeit of your entry fee. Just trying to keep it fair and fun for everyone.

9. Yes bait fishing is aloud before Tournament just no catfishing.

10. No chumming or fishing baited holes. No snagging or illegal fishing any means or will be disqualified.

Remember to have fun, be safe and catch fish. Hope to see everyone there.