Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Medicalodge of Butler Employee Spotlight

Medicalodges Butler is proud to recognize Jana Allen, as their employee spotlight for March. Jana is a daytime LPN that has been a part of the Medicalodges family since 1997, she started working the night shift right out of LPN School and plans to stay here until they give her a bed.

Medicalodges is like home to her, the family atmosphere at the Lodge is like no other and she gets to fall in love with each new resident that comes through the door. Jana says that she knows that she has been given the chance to make people feel special and that is kind of a big deal!

Jana’s hobbies consist of music, reading, writing, cooking, traveling and studying people. She absolutely loves spending time with her family, especially her grandbabies.

“ Try to keep up with me “ is her word of advice to her coworkers! (Wink!Wink!) Seriously, though: CARE!! It’s your greatest skill! Invest in a good moisturizer, nursing is stressful!

Something we don't know about Jana?? Humm…. Ask her, she is an open book!

Jana Allen, Medicalodges definitely appreciates all that you do!

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