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Friday, March 12, 2021

What's in the Window winner and clues for next week

Each week we place clues on a piece of paper in our window at 17 N. Main in Butler in our "What's in the Window" contest and our winner this week is Tim Welborn who correctly guessed the Butler Memorial Airport:

1946 - year established
894 - field elevation
122.9 - unicom radio frequency

Tim wins a cool prize courtesy of Osage Valley Electric COOP for his effort!

Clues for this week:

38° 5.823′ N, 94° 21.2′ W

If you can guess what landmark, business or historical event (all past or present) these clues lead to, you'll win a really cool prize too!

You can email your guess to

Please don't put answers on social media, we'd like everyone to have a fair chance. If we don't get a correct answer, we will add another clue each day or so. Winner will be announced Friday, March 19th. Good luck!