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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Butler Council news: New members get down to business

From the Butler City Council meeting last night

Outgoing council members Lynn Nitsche, Dale Newkirk, David Brown and Heather Diehl received many thanks and kudos for their service as newly elected members were sworn in. Scott Mallatt, Tim Young, Trey Douty and Mike Irick were officially sworn in, along with Alan Mundey, who replaced Jeff Hall last December. 

Doncella Liggins was again voted in as Mayor pro tem by unanimous vote.

Butler Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Barbara Lawrence requested approval for upcoming events which were all  given a thumbs up. This includes the rescheduling of Cruise Night, it now will be held April 30th at Sonic.

A long discussion was devoted to the purchase of new mowers for the city, there are a lot of variables such as carbureted models vs fuel injection, deck size and more. Talk also included whether to buy locally, and the decision was made to support local and the final vote went to purchasing Ferris brand mowers from Midwest Lumber in Butler.

It was voted to change the Butler Parks & Rec Department to an advisory board. 

Much time was also devoted to discussion about upcoming training for city employees, managers and new council members, most of which is out of the area so planning ahead is necessary to keep travel costs down. 

The city is waiting for signed contracts from local water districts, those are hoped to be received by the next council meeting.

There was a reminder to Butler residents that they will see a slight increase in utility bills for a period of time and an explanation will be placed with each bill. This temporary increase will pay off the additional cost incurred due to the massive winter storm a few months ago.

A town hall meeting is still in the works. At this point deciding where and when is up for discussion. The old high school gym or the high school auditorium are a couple places under consideration.

Other topics discussed were needed street repairs; doggy doo in neighbor's yards; and what type of enforcement/oversight is needed for those living in homes without power, water and sewer.

The Butler City Council meets the first and third Tuesdays 7 pm at the Butler City Hall, upstairs. The public is highly encouraged to attend.