Thursday, April 15, 2021

From the Belton Police Department

By now, many of you know about our community video partnership where you can register your cameras with BPD to help us solve crimes. Well, has it worked? Here's just two examples.

On 4-10-2021 a suspect wanted for an assault which occurred on night shift watch was identified by a day shift officer on patrol. When the suspect saw the officer, he dropped a bag by a vehicle and continued walking. The suspect was stopped and arrested for the assault. The suspect denied possession of the bag which contained a felony amount of narcotics. 

The officer wanting to obtain further evidence for the felony drug charge utilized the CVP database and located a home which captured the suspect carrying and dropping the bag.
On 4-13-2021, officers took a report of an assault. The suspect in the assault denied being near of the victim, but again the CVP database was utilized and captured the crime on video.

In both of these cases, the cooperation of the camera owners was key in solving the crimes. If you have a camera system, are willing to help and haven't registered your cameras yet; please visit click "Community Policing", click "Community Video Partnership" and then click "Camera Registration". It really is that simple to get involved and help your community.

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