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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Help needed: Locally written book has chance to hit the big screen

This is the true life story of a four-year-old little girl who took over seven thousand volts of electricity thru her body. Doctors told her parents to plan her funeral because she would not survive a week. Fifty years later, this is the story of my "life unarmed."

The book Life Unarmed My Story, written by Diana Taylor of Butler Mo. recently got the attention of a company who would like turn the words of her life story into a screenplay, which ultimately then could become a movie.

In speaking to Diana, it is clear she has taken something quite tragic and turned it into a positive with great help from the Lord; and now she has been given the opportunity to transition her written words to the big screen.

Due to some legalese, Diana, who lives on a very limited budget, is required to front an amount of money to start the process of conversion to screenplay and we are asking the community to help her raise the needed $4,617.90 to get the ball rolling.

Mid America Live spoke to Diana this week about helping her cause, and she has made it clear that any money raised over the target amount will go fully and directly to the Carpenter's Cup in Butler as a donation. Likewise, investigation has been done into the company to insure they are legitimate.

Now, here's how you can help- share this information with your friends, fellow church members, civic groups etc. and let's help get her story out for the world to see in cinema! Donations may be made at Community First Bank in Butler (either location). Use either account holder name Thomas J. McArthur or Douglas Mager c/o Diana Taylor Fundraiser.

The timeline for submission of money is rather short and any help would be greatly appreciated. Mid America Live will be providing updates on a regular basis. Thank you in advance!