Friday, April 9, 2021

News from Michael G's Greenhouses

Our average last frost free date is mid April, so we may have had our last one for the spring. We have had a tremendous amount of people out, but as we sell a hanging basket or flat we replaced them with new things, so all four greenhouses are still basically full.

Everything is coming into its prime now, it is always amazing to see how God makes things grow this time of year, even after 37 years I am always surprised at it. 

We have a very large assortment of succulents, many at only $1 each. Our flats still average $20. We hear over and over how good everything looks compared to elsewhere, so come see us soon.

On a separate note, due to bad experiences I had not had a farrier out to work on my horses for many years until a week ago. I found a very good one on Facebook, his name is Cisco, his phone number is 816 405 0009. He was proficient and gentle with my horses, I highly recommend him.

 - Michael G

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