Monday, April 19, 2021

Papinville Historical and Cemetery Association Meet


 The Association held their regular yearly business meeting on April 13
th.  We only had ten present for this meeting and this is disappointing and concerning.  Concerning in that if an organization is to thrive and grow then it must have new and younger members.  

      Items brought up and voted on were as follows: Officers elected for two-year terms were:  President, Beverly Sullins; Vice President, John Stewart; Sect./Treas., Carey Klinksick; Correspondence Sect., Beverly Sullins; Activity director, Phyllis Stewart; Music directors, Wesley and Sharon Danner. Board members, Jerry Stangel, John Coffman, Brice Fischer and Phyllis Stewart. 

      We are wanting to build onto our museum.  Several members gave reports on costs and other items that would need to be addressed to make an addition possible.  Upon discussion from all present it was decided due to the enormous cost of everything at present we have no other alternative but to postpone any building at this time, but it still remains as something we want to do and will continue to work toward.    

     Clean up and repairs of the school, bridge and cemetery were discussed in length and committees were set up for this and then a general clean-up date will be set later. 

     Since this year is the 200th Birthday of the state of Missouri and the establishment of Harmony Mission we have decided to have two events one to celebrate each.  On Saturday, June 12th we are planning an all-day event with tours going to the site of Harmony Mission.  Details of this event will be announced as the event draws closer. Then the annual picnic will be held on September 25th.  Several new events are being planned along with our regular events.  Some minor changes will be made for the safety of all in attendance.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend as we believe these two events will be enjoyable, fun and educational. 

                                                                                         Beverly Sullins, President    

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