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Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Museum Minute: Governor orders militias to organize

Museum Minute

April 8, 2021

Museum Minute presents:  This Week in History (According to Herrman’s Archives)

Early April in the Year…

1871 – The property known as the Pickett Hotel in Butler, is for sale.  It contains 17 rooms, with a large dining room and parlor.  It also has a good well & cistern, together with an outhouse 16 x 32 feet.  Also an adjoining lot 140 x 150 feet, together with a one livery stable 68 x 32 feet and 26 stalls, plus a 70 x 100 foot lot, with a good frame 4 room house.  Inquire of Mr. Pickett at the hotel.    ////    1872 -  A. L. Lindsay had his headquarters in the Pickett Hotel with service to Papinville and LaCygne, Kansas. (see Pickett Hotel photo)
1882 – Friends in Bates Co are shocked to hear of the murder of Jesse James at his home North of Kansas City. (Murdered April 3rd)
1847 – The city plat for Papinville is approved and recorded in Bates County, named for Peter Melicourt Papin, who gave the land for the town.
1912 – The Moore Brothers, proprietors of the Hume Opera House, show the “Passion Play” silent moving picture.
1918 – A body, found in the Marais des Cygne River, near Athol, has been identified as R. F. Moudy, a perennial fishing visitor from St. Louis.  His boat indicated he had a large supply of liquor with him.
1859 – Missouri Governor Stewart orders counties to organize militias; especially noted is Bates and Cass counties.
1913 – Temperance workers of Bates County meet to promote drying up the last bastion of booze in the county – Rich Hill.
1884 – A government steamboat inspector inspects the Steamer Grange, at Rockville, and orders it repaired before it leaves with its cargo of 100 tons of railroad iron and 2,700 barrels of salt.
1890 – The town plat of Amoret is filed and recorded by the Missouri Coal & Construction company.
1877 – Butler City Marshal Smith is called to quell a big row over a card game at Glass’s Saloon.
1942 – In the Amsterdam village election 30 voted for electric lights and 5 voted against.
1927 – The Passaic High School basketball team wins over Harmony School, 26 to 22.
1881 – The Rich Hill Mining Review newspaper says Rich Hill is only ten months old and has a population of over 3,000, due to the flourishing coal mines.
1872 – A. L. Betz, bridge examiner, states in the Bates Co Record newspaper, “Whoever built the relatively new bridge over the Grand River was so incompetent that he and whoever approved it should be lynched.”
1909 – The Flooding of the Marais des Cygne River, the Missouri Pacific railroad trains are prevented from traveling through Bates County.  

Our thanks to Peggy Buhr, Bates County Museum Curator