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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Adrian Manor deal sealed during disruptive meeting

The Adrian city council meeting last night began with a packed house as many were primarily awaiting confirmation of the sale of the Adrian Manor. However, there were a few other heated discussions that took place ahead of that announcement which was a bit further down the agenda.

Keeping an orderly quorum was an issue through the evening; and unfortunately out-of-town guests got an earful of exchanges about culverts, other offers to buy Crystal Manor, and smidge of personal jabs. To note, there was a guest to discuss details regarding the about $300k the city is set to receive in stimulus money which may be discussed further at a later date.

Another guest included young girl who attended with her mother to simply ask the city's permission for a project. Fortunately, she was bumped up in the list allowing her to leave and be spared some arguments that erupted later.

It is unknown why so many tempers flared or exactly what set the tone for the evening- quite possibly it was many questions and concerns coupled with a bad hair day or two?

At any rate it was finally announced the Adrian Manor has been officially sold to the Missouri Baptist Homes Ministries for the sum of $15,001.00 plus about $90,000.00 in bills due, which the buyer agreed to assume. Mid America Live is scheduling a formal interview with the buyer and will provide an update regarding future plans for the facility soon.

And here's to an orderly meeting next time; the Adrian city council meets at city hall on on the second Monday of each month.