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Monday, May 17, 2021

BCMH celebrates National EMS week

EMS professionals fill many roles. This year, for National EMS Week, we honor their sacrifice and dedication, not only to keeping us safe, but for all the ways they care for our communities. In any given shift, they may fill the role of healthcare professional, emergency manager, social worker, crisis counselor, consoler, or caregiver.
Because of the pandemic, the normal community outreach opportunities just weren't available that the BCMH EMS team usually participate in to educate young people or raise awareness. This year, the focus was on increasing patient/staff safety by updating PPE, acquiring foggers to sanitize units, and assisting with the hospital's vaccine clinics.
BCMH recognizes and thanks its EMS team for their contributions, as well as all local first responders.

Pictured, from left are Mike Ruff, paramedic; Angela England, EMT; Beau Belger, EMT; and Dru Jordan, paramedic.
Not pictured: Alisa Bueneke, EMT; Zachary Boleyn, paramedic; Richard Glossip, paramedic; Mark Graves, paramedic; Dustin Miller, paramedic; Michael Nelson, Jr., paramedic; Mark Ortiz, paramedic; Buddy Pike, paramedic; Jerret Reno, paramedic; Josephine Smith, paramedic; Chad Stark, paramedic; Russell Whisenand, paramedic/Ambulance Supervisor, and Lynne McLain, ambulance clerk.