Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Butler City Council: Town Hall set for June 7th

Highlights from the Butler city council meeting last night

Councilman Mallatt spearheaded a discussion about Sunset park on the west edge of town, a project some 20 years in the making that needs some finishing touches. Another issue is a shortage of park board members, the last meeting didn't have enough for quorum and anyone who would like to get involved is urged to contact city hall for more info.

There were four public hearings last night, but it was decided to wait for votes until the council has more time to review and understand each one. They are: Substitution for language in section 22-12; amending sections 18-26 and 18-27 to update planning commission membership; several sections updating the duties and powers of the planning commission; and updating requirements for rezoning and conditional use permits in accordance with state law. A vote and more information is expected in an upcoming meeting.

Two resolutions were adopted- #456 renewal of membership with the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission and #457 Confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement. More info on these and the ordinances above can be found on the website. 

The council received thank-you's from the Butler Chamber of Commerce and Electric City Downtown for their recent contributions.

Some more good news, the Butler police department has two new officers that will be joining the force and has at least two more qualified applicants that are being reviewed now.

The public is highly encouraged to come to the Town Hall meeting June 7th, 6 pm at Happy Hill Church of God on south main street. While the council prepares topics, everyone is highly encouraged to attend with questions and concerns that will be heard in an informal environment that town hall meetings traditionally offer.

There was also discussion about the backhoe that is primarily used at Oak Hill Cemetery, it's old and in barely working condition. In the meantime, the water department backhoe can be used, however it is much bigger and there are concerns about damage caused by maneuvering the bigger unit around gravesites.

Councilman Alan Mundey proposed having finance meeting with new council members and others invited on June 15th. 

Councilwoman Doncella Liggins mentioned that talks regarding a sidewalk/paved path to businesses on west 52 highway is ongoing and a resolution is hoped to be made soon. Currently, the only way for pedestrians and bicyclists to make passage is on the highway, making safety a key issue.

Other discussions included the serious disrepair of Lonsinger street and upkeep/mowing of parks around town. Currently, the city is short on workers to help with mowing and maintenance.

The Butler city council meets on the first and third Tuesdays at city hall, 7 pm. The public is highly encouraged to attend.

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