Monday, June 28, 2021

Hertzog Beef Company officially open to the public

Hertzog Meat Company officially opened  for business last Friday in Passaic, Mo and anxious customers were waiting as the doors opened promptly at 10 am. A quick glance in the store reveals a great selection of fresh beef cuts, along with a wide selection of BBQ sauces, salsa mixes, relishes, jams, pickles, apple butter, beer, hickory wood pellets and much more.

A brief tour of the inner workings of the processing plant reveals a first class operation that employs about 20 people, all of which have been trained to specification for their duties- including attending the University of Kentucky meat science program; along with two employees who are HACCP certified who oversee food safety and testing protocols. 

Currently, the USDA certified operation is processing 10 to 15 cattle a day and that number is expected to double in the near future as not only is beef processed for retail, they also serve cattle operations who desire custom cuts and packaging as well.

Herzog Beef Company is located at 322 NW State Route F highway (west Passaic near the railroad tracks) and is open every day 10 am to 5 pm. Find more info on Facebook here

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